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133.333 Lagatree Feng Shui: arranging your home to change your life - Kirsten Lagatree
152.4 Bassett From panic to power: proven techniques to calm you - Lucinda Bassett
152.41 Chopra The path to love: renewing the power of spirit in your life - Deepak Chopra
155.8496 Hopson The power of soul: pathways to psychological and spiritual growth for AfricanAmericans - Darlene Powell & Derek S. Hopson
155.9042 Stress: 63 ways to relieve tension and stay healthy - Charles B. Inlander
155.9042 Witkin Male stress syndrome: how to survive stress in the '90s - Georgia Witkin
158 Pearsall Pleasure prescription: to love, to work, to play -- life in the balance - Paul Pearsall
158.1 Carlson Don't sweat the small stuff -- and it's all small - Richard Carlson
158.1 Covey First things first - Stephen R. Covey
158.1 Mandino Secrets for success and happiness - Og Mandino
158.1 Moore Care of the soul - Thomas Moore
158.1 Peck The road less traveled and beyond: spiritual growth in an age of anxiety
158.1 Pozzi Success with soul - Doris Pozzi
158.1 Young Reinventing your life: how to break free of negative life patterns - Jeffrey Young
158.1082 Vedral Look in, look up, look out!: be the person you were meant to be - Joyce Vedral
158.12 Gawain The four levels of healing - Shakti Gawain (at Whiton Memorial Branch)
158.128 Canfield A 4th course of chicken soup for the soul - Jack Canfield (at Whiton Branch)
291.21 Anderson Where angels walk - Joan Wester Anderson
291.43 Beattie Journey to the heart - Melodie Beattie
291.43 Dossey Prayer is good medicine - Larry Dossey
291.43 Vanzant Acts of faith: daily meditations for people of color - Lyania Vanzant
294.3 Thondup The healing power of mind: simple meditation exercises... - TulkuThondup
294.3443 Minding Minding mind: a course in basic meditation
294.3923 Violence and compassion - Bstan-'dzin-rgya-stsho (Dalai Lama IV)
616.8522 Bradshaw Healing the shame that binds you - John Bradshaw
616.8522 Q Bourne The anxiety and phobia workbook - Edmund J. Bourne
616.8527 Ferber A woman doctor's guide to depression - Jane S. Ferber & Suzanne LeVert
616.8527 Rosen When someone you love is depressed - Laura Epstein
616.8527 Yapko Breaking the patterns of depression - Michael D. Yapko (Whiton Memorial Branch)
640.43 Smith The 10 natural laws of successful time and life management - Hyrum W. Smith
646.7 Andrews The circle of simplicity: return to the good life - Cecile Andrews
910.202 Benson Transformative getaways: for spiritual growth, self-discovery, and holistic healing - John Benson


612.68 Keeton Longevity: the art and science of staying young - Kathy Keeton
612.812 SinghKhalsa Brain longevity - Dharma, Singh Khalsa
613 Bloomfield The power of 5: hundreds of 5-second to 5-minute scientific shortcuts to ignite your energy. . . - Harold H. Bloomfield & Robert K. Cooper
613 PDR PDR guide to nutrition and family health
613 Ivker Thriving: the complete mind-body guide for optimal health and fitness for men - Robert S. Ivker and Edward Zorensky
613 q Mind Mind/Body Medicine
613 Reed The Black man's guide to good health - James Reed
613 Sinatra Cardiologist's prescription for optimum health - Stephen T. Sinatra
613 Walz Quick fixes to change your life: making healthy choices - Judy Ann Walz
613.0423 Arnot Dr. Bob Arnot's guide to turning back the clock - Robert Burns Arnot
613.0423 Caine The Male body: an owner's manual: the ultimate head-to-toe guide to staying healthy and fit for life - K. Winston Caine, Perry Garfinkel & ed. of Men's Health
613.0423 Ryback Look ten years younger, live ten years longer: a man's guide - David Ryback
613.0424 Female The female body: an owner's manual - ed. Prevention Magazine Health Books
613.0424 Korte Every woman's body - Diana Korte
613.0424 Michaud Total health for women - Ellen Michaud & editors of Prevention Magazine
613.0424 Nachtigall-What every woman should know: staying healthy after 40 - Lila Nachtigall
613.04244 Allison American Medical Association complete guide to women's health - Kathleen Cahill Allison
613.04244 Domar Healing mind, healthy woman: using the mind-body connection to manage stress & take control of your life - Alice D. Domar
613.04244 Legato What women need to know: from headaches to heart disease and everything in between - Marianne Legato and Carol Colman
613.043 Rippe Fit over forty: a revolutionary plan to achieve lifelong physical and spiritual health and well-being - James M Rippe (at Whiton Memorial Branch)
613.08996 Health Health & healing for African-Americans - ed. by Sheree Crute
613.1 Staying healthy in a risky environment
613.5 George Fight fat: a total lifestyle program for men to stay slim & healthy - Stephen George 613.26 Page Stanford life plan for a healthy heart - Helen Page
613.7045 Nelson Strong women stay young - Miriam E. Nelson
613.79 q Big book of relaxation
614.1 Quilter The repetitive strain injury recovery book - Deborah Quilter
616.075 Merck Merck manual of medical information
616.12 McGowan Heart fitness for life: - Mary P. McGowan
616.12 Sinatra Heartbreak and heart disease: a mind-body prescription for healing the heart - Stephen T. Sinatra
616.722 Understanding Understanding Arthritis - Arthritis Foundation, ed. Irving Kushner
616.8526 Mitchell I'd kill for a cookie:a simple six-week plan to conquer stress eating - Susan Mitchell
616.99 Kantoff Prostate cancer: a family consultation with Dr. Philip Kantoff
616.9944 Love Dr. Susan Love's breast book - Susan Love with Karen Lindsey
617.1 Peddie The repetitive strain injury sourcebook - Sandra Peddie with Craig H. Rosenberg
617.5 Pascarelli Repetitive strain injury: a computer user's guide - Emil Pascarelli, Deborah Quilter
617.564 Maharam Backs in motion: the only back-care program for everyBody - Lewis G. Maharam
618.85 Love - Dr. Susan Love's Hormone book: making informed choices about menopause
618.89 Lauersen - Complete book of breast care - Niels H. Lauersen


613 - Diamond Purify your body: natural remedies for detoxing from 50 everyday situations - Nina L. Diamond
613.7148 Liu Chinese fitness: a mind/body approach - Qingshan, Liu
614.535 Carper Miracle cures: dramatic new scientific discoveries revealing the healing power of herbs, vitamins, and other natural remedies - Jean Carper
615.321 Information Information sourcebook of herbal medicine
615.321 Theiss The family herbal - Barbara Theiss (at Whiton Memorial Branch)
615.5 q Alternative The Alternative Advisor: the complete guide to natural therapies & alternative treatments/ by the editors of Time-Life books
615.5 Castleman Nature's cures: from acupressure & aromatherapy to walking and yoga, the ultimate guide. . . - Michael Castleman
615.5 Collinge American Holistic Health Association complete guide to alternative medicine - William Collinge
615.5 Facklam Alternative medicine: cures or myths? - Howard Facklam
615.5 Kastner Alternative healing: the complete A-Z guide to over 160 different alternative therapies - Hugh Burroughs, Mark Kastner
615.5 New New choices in natural healing
615.5 Rosenfeld Dr. Rosenfeld's guide to alternative medicine - Isadore Rosenfeld
615.535 Fulford Dr. Fulford's touch of life: the healing power of the natural life force - Robert Fulford
615.851 Naparstek Staying well with guided imagery - Belleruth Naparstek
615.822 Q Dougans The complete illustrated guide to reflexology: therapeutic foot massage for health and well-being - Inge Dougans
615.852 Benson Timeless healing: the power and biology of belief - Herbert Benson
615.024 Elkins Complete home health advisor - Rita Elkins


613.7176 Fenton 90-day fitness walking program - Mark Fenton
613.7176 Snowdon Walk aerobics - Les Showdon
615.822 Q Aslani Massage for beginners - Marilyn Aslani
646.75 Andes Woman's book of strength - Karen Andes
796.6 MCCullagh Cycling for health, fitness & well-being - James C. Mccullagh
796.8155 Crompton The elements of Tai Chi - Paul Crompton
797.21 q Katz Swimming for total fitness - Jane Katz with Nancy Bruning
910.25 Lederman Vacations that can change your life: adventures, retreats and workshops for the mind, body and spirit - Ellen Lederman


AC BOOK 133.9013 Eadie Embraced by the light - Melodie Eadie
AC BOOK 155.4 Jeffers Feel the fear and do it anyway - Susan Jeffers
AC BOOK 155.2 Steinem On self esteem - Gloria Steinem
AC BOOK 155.904 Allen Stress reduction and creative meditation - Marc Allen
AC BOOK 158.1 Brown Live your dreams - Anthony Brown
AC BOOK 158.1 Moore Care of the soul - Thomas Moore
AC BOOK 158.1 Robbins Giant steps: small changes to make a difference
AC BOOK 158.1 Vedral Look in, look up, look out - Joyce Vedral
AC BOOK 158.128 Wilde Meditation handbook - Stuart Wilde
AC BOOK 242.643 Meditations for women who do too much - Anne Schaef
AC BOOK 291.44 Hayes-Grieco The Peaceful heart - Mary Hayes-Grieco
AC BOOK 299.93 Marianne Williamson on spirituality - Marianne Williamson
AC BOOK 305.24 Sheehy New passages - Gail Sheehy
AC BOOK 613.25 Attwood The Gold Standard Diet: How to live to be 100 - Charles Attwood
AC BOOK 613.7 Bailey Covert Bailey's smart talk on health & fitness - Covert Bailey
AC BOOK 616.08 Borysenko The power of the mind to heal - Joan Borysenko
AC BOOK 616.8527 Heitler Depression: a disorder of power - Susan Heitler
AC BOOK 650.13 Waitley How to handle conflict and manage anger - Denis Waitley


613.262 Wenner Gardencuisine: heal yourself and the planet through low-fat, meatless eating - Paul Wenner
613.7176 Snowden The walking diet: walk back to fitness in 30 days - Les Snowden
641.563 Barnard American Medical Association family health cookbook
641.563 Jones Cook it light pasta, rice and beans - Jeanne Jones (at Whiton Memorial Branch)
641.563 Lund H.E.L.P.: the healthy exchanges lifetime plan - JoAnna M. Lund
641.563 The natural health cookbook
641.563 q Simmons Richard Simmons farewell to fat cookbook
641.56311 Low Low-fat, low-cholesterol cookbook
641.5632 Hizer Healthy main dishes - Cynthia Hizer (at Whiton Memorial Branch)
641.5635 Weight Weight Watchers new 365-day menu cookbook
641.5635 Weight Weight Watchers simply the best
641.5635 Prevention Prevention's stop dieting and lose weight cookbook
641.5636 Atlas Vegetarian express - Nava Atlas
641.5636 Bragg A simple celebration: a vegetarian cookbook for body, mind, and spirit: the nutritional program from the Chopra Center for Well Being - Ginna Bragg 641.5636 Criscuolo Claire's classic American vegetarian cooking - Claire Criscuolo
641.5636 Gadia Lite and luscious
641.5636 Ornish Everyday cooking with Dr. Dean Ornish: 150 easy, low-fat, high-flavor recipes Dean Ornish (at Whiton Memorial)
641.5636 q Raichlen Steven Raichlen's high-flavor, low-fat vegetaian cooking
641.5636 q Sass Great vegetarian cooking under pressure: two hour taste in ten minutes - Lorna Sass
641.5638 q Better Better Homes and Gardens low-fat & luscious - ed. by Kristi Fuller (at Whiton)
641.5638 q Complete Complete book of low-fat cooking
641.5638 Fischer Fabulous fat-free cooking - Lynn Fischer
641.5638 Moosewood Restaurant low-fat favorites (at Whiton Memorial Branch)
641.5638 Prevention's Prevention's the healthy cook
641.5638 q Stewart Martha Stewart's healthy quick cook
641.567 Roth Harriet Roth's deliciously healthy Jewish cooking
641.59 Nash Low-fat soul - Jonell Nash
641.59 q Roden Invitation to Mediterranean cooking: 150 vegetarian & seafood recipes - Claudia Roden
641.5973 q Fonda Jane Fonda: Cooking for healthy living
641.6331 Hayes Grains: seventy-six healthy recipes for barle, corn ... - Joanne Lamb Hayes
641.814 Jerome 100 simple sauces for today's healthy home cooking: easy to prepare salsas, relishes, chutneys, marinades and much more - Carl Jerome
641.822 Jones Cook it light pasta, rice, and beans - Jeanne Jones
641.86 q Purdy Let them eat cake:140 sinfully rich desserts with a fraction of the fat - Susan Purdy


Give Love (VCASS2 158.2)
Healing and the mind (VCASS2 616.0019 Moyers)
Angela Lansbury's positive moves(VCASS2 613.7 Angela)
Low impact aerobics (VCASS2 613.7)
Swing into shape: low intensity, non-aerobic exercise for seniors (VCASS2 613.7 Swing)
Rudra Press presents forever flexible (VCASS2 613.71 Forever)
Weight Watchers easy shape-up plus (VCASS2 613.71 Weight)
Healthy Back & waist workout (VCASS2 613.71)
Yoga practice for relaxation (VCASS2 613.7046 Yoga)
Discovering Chi: energy exercises for beginners (VCASS2 613.7148 Discovering)
Nice & Easy: powerwalking, eating right & selecting the right nutrients for optimal health (VCASS2 613.717 Nice)
Preventive medicine for the heart (616.12 Heart)
Depression: more than just the blues (VCASS2 616.895)
Tai chi chuan for life (VCASS2 796.8155)
Swim power: unlock your ultimate potential (VCASS2 797.21 Swim)


Mayo Clinic Family health book (CD-ROM 613 Mayo Windows).....The total heart (CD-ROM 616.1 Total MAC)......Better Homes and Gardens healthy cooking (CD-ROM 641.563 WIN/MAC)..... Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus (CD-ROM 646.78 GRAY MAC)


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