Manchester, Connecticut

Travel Fiction

Journeys of Discovery

Helen Campbell - Turnip Blues


Death Cruise: Crime Stories On the Open Sea


Anita Desai - Journey to Ithaca


Chris Dyer - Wanderlust


Bob Greene - All Summer Long


Ron Hansen - Isn't It Romantic?


Gar Anthony Haywood - Going Nowhere Fast


Barbara Hodgson - The Tattooed Map


Frederick Lenz - Snowboarding to Nirvana


David Lida - Travel Advisory : Stories of Mexico


The Literary Traveler : An Anthology Of Contemporary Short Fiction


Michael Malone - Handling Sin


Yann Martel - Life of Pi


Alex Miller - Conditions of Faith


Marlo Morgan - Mutant Message Down Under


Susan Sussman - Cruising for Murder


Paul Theroux - The Mosquito Coast


A Tourist's New England : Travel Fiction 1820-1920


Anne Tyler - The Accidental Tourist


Robert James Waller - A Thousand Country Roads


Kate Wheeler - When Mountains Walked

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