Manchester, Connecticut

They Came Before Us


Early men and women join forces in these vividly told tales of human survival and growth in preshistoric times.

Jean Auel

The Shelters of Stone
Fifth installment in the "Earth's Children" series.
On completion of their harrowing journey across Europe, Jondalar and Ayla are welcomed by Jondalar's family but must face the jealousy of Jondalar's former lover and the mistrust that some of his tribesmen have for Ayla and her Neanderthal upbringing.The couple wishes to have children and Ayla will prove her acceptability as a mate with her skills in healing and her remarkable command of animals.

The author plans one more volume in the "Earth's Children" series which chronicles Prehistoric Europe and the transition from Neanderthal to Cro-Magnon societies.

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John R. Dann

Song of the Axe - 30,000 B.C. - Eurasia
Agon, a renowned warrior and hunter known as Axe Man, and Eena "Spear Woman", defy the conventions of their cultures in this graphic depiction of the rigors of Eurasian Ice Age society.

Kathleen O'Neal Gear & W. Michael Gear

People of the Masks - Archaeologist authors, Kathleen and W. Michael Gear, bring the history of the Pre-Columbian peoples of New York and Ontario to life in this tenth epic of their "First North Americans" series. Rumbler, a young seer of the Turtle Nation, is taken captive by Jumping Badger, a member of the Bear Nation's Walksalong Clan. Jumping Badger has murdered Rumbler's mother and intends to use the boy's gift of sight to gain control over his rivals, but when Bear warriors begin to die mysteriously, Rumbler is accused of their murder. Condemned to death, he is befriended by Wren, a fearless twelve-year old girl, and they flee together in search of Rumbler's father, the legendary, Disowned.

Earlier titles in the "First North Americans" series (13.000 B.C. - 1000 A.D.)
People of the Wolf - Alaska & Canadian Northwest . . . People of the Fire - Central Rockies & Great Plains . . . People of the Earth - Northern Plains and Basins . . . People of the Sea - Pacific Coast & Great Basin . . . People of the River - Mississippi Valley . . . People of the Lakes - East-Central Woodlands & Great Lakes. . . People of the Lightning - Florida . . People of the Silence - Southwest Anasazi . . . People of the Mist - Chesapeake Bay

Sue Harrison

Mother Earth, Father Sky - Chagak, a young Aleut woman in Ice Age Alaska, undertakes a quest to avenge the destruction of her village. She will be tested in body and spirit on her journey as she is forced to bear the child of her enemy and confront her own need for love.
Followed by: My Sister, the Moon . . . Brother Wind

Song of the River - More than 8,000 years ago in prehistoric Alaska, K'os, a young woman of the Cousin River Village, is ravaged by enemies and vows revenge. Chakliux, the boy she adopts as her own, becomes a gifted storyteller who will suffer many hardships before he discovers the truth of his origins in his search for peace among the tribes.

Other titles in the "Storyteller Trilogy": Cry of the Wind and Call Down the Stars

Mary Mackey

The Year the Horses Came - Brittany 4272 B.C. The peaceful existence of those who follow the Earth Mother Goddess is threatened by Hansi horsemen warriors of the eastern steppes in this fast-paced romantic adventure. The Horses at the Gate - In this sequel set in the area of northeastern Romania and the western Ukraine, Stavan, the rightful successor of the Hansi chieftan, and Marrah, his gentle lover, must overcome the bloodthirsty usurper, Vlahan.

Linda Lay Shuler

She Who Remembers - Kwani, a beautiful young blue-eyed Anasazi, is thought to be a witch and is exiled by her tribe. Rescued by a Toltec magician of the Eagle Clan, she becomes "She Who Remembers", one Chosen of the Gods to pass on to young women the secrets of their powers.

The Pre-Columbian Anasazi peoples of the American Southwest are featured in two other novels in the author's "Time Circle" series:
Voice of the Eagle - Kwani and her mate Tolonqua find their pueblo city in danger from marauding tribes.
Let the Drum Speak: A Novel of Ancient America - Prehistoric Oklahoma. The story of Antelope, daughter of Kwani, and Chomoc, her husband and son of Kokopelli. Antelope breaks her tribe's taboo and, with her baby, follows her restless husband on an adventure that leads to great danger.

Judith Tarr

White Mare's Daughter - The clash of patriarchal, nomadic, warrior cultures with agrarian societies which valued women forms the historical basis for this sweeping epic of love and adventure (4500-3500 B.C.).
Lady of Horses: - prequel to White Mare's Daughter Sparrow defies the elders of her tribe when she is chosen by the Horse Goddess to become a shaman. Sentenced to a horrible death, she flees in search of her mother's people.
Daughter of Lir - When the matriarchal city of Lir is threatened by tribes of nomadic horsemen, Rhian, a young woman who is to succeed as priestess of the Horse Goddess, is determined to defend her people.

Joan Wolf

Milford, Connecticut author, Joan Wolf, depicts rival tribes of Cro-Magnon peoples of the area that is now southern France, who, at the end of the Ice Age, must learn to live in peace with each other in order to survive incursions of warlike horsemen, the proto-Britons from the North.

Daughter of the Red Deer - The survival of the Tribe of the Horse is threatened when its young women perish after drinking tainted water. The tribe's young men, at a loss for mates, set out to kidnap women from the Red Deer clan, only to find on their return that elders from within their own ranks have been plotting against them. Followed by: The Horsemasters . . . The Reindeer Hunters