Manchester, Connecticut

Psychological Suspense

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Psychological Suspense

It's all in the mind.  That's what makes it scary!


Abrahams, Peter - Crying Wolf, The Fan, End of Story, Oblivion, Their Wildest Dreams

Atkins, Charles - Risk Factor, The Portrait, The Cadaver's Ball

Bayer, William -Mirror Maze, Dream of the Broken Horses

Black, Ethan - Irresistible, The Broken Hearts Club

Blanchard, Alice - Darkness Peering Bloch, Robert - Screams

Bonanasinga, Jay R.- Head Case Carr, Caleb - The Angel of Darkness, The Alienist Campbell, Ramsey - The Last Voice They Hear

Carr, Robyn - Mind Tryst, No Place Like Home

Clark, Mary Higgins - Before I Say Good-Bye, We'll Meet Again, All Through the Night, Pretend You Don't See Her, Moonlight Becomes You

Craig, Kit - Gone

Deaver, Jeff - The Empty Chair, The Devil's Teardrop, The Coffin Dancer, The Bone Collector

Dobyns, Stephen - Boy in the Water

Faust, Ron - Split Image

Feldman, Ellen - Rearview Mirror

Fielding, Joy - Missing Pieces, Don't Cry Now, See Jane Run Fox,

Zachary Alan - Cradle and All

French, Nicci - Beneath the Skin, Killing Me Softly, Red Room, Secret Smile, Land of the Living, Catch Me When I Fall

Fyfield, Frances - Staring at the Light

Gardner, Lisa - The Perfect Husband, The Other Daughter, Next Accident

Glass, Joseph - Eyes

Gotti, Victoria - I'll be Watching You

Gruenfeld, Lee - Irreparable Harm

Hall, Matthew - The Art of Breaking Glass

Harris, Thomas - Hannibal,Silence of the Lambs, Red Dragon

Hoag, Tami - A Thin Dark Line, Guilty as sin, Night Sins

Holliday, Liz - Cracker: One Day a Lemming will Fly

Iles, Greg - Third Degree, True Evil, Turning Angel, Blood Memory, Sleep No More, Mortal Fear

Jacobs, Claire Rainwater - Mother, May I Sleep with Danger?

Jacobson, Alan - False Accusations

Kadow, Jeannine - Burnout

Katzenbach, John - The Wrong Man, The Madman's Tale, The Analyst

Kellerman, Jonathan - Bones, Compulsion, Obsession, Gone, Rage, Therapy, A Cold Heart, Murder Book, Flesh and Blood

Kelman, Judith - After the Fall, Fly Away Home, Summer of Storms

Kennett, Shirley - Chameleon, Fire Cracker, Gray Matter, Time of Death

Klavan, Andrew - The Animal Hour, Don't Say a Word, Man and Woman

Koontz, Dean - The Good Guy, Brother Odd, The Husband, Forever Odd, Velocity, Life Expectancy

Krist, Gary - Bad Chemistry

Levin, Ira - Sliver

Lovett, Sarah - A Desperate Silence, Acquired Motives, Dangerous Attachments, Dante's Inferno, Dark Alchemy

Lynch, Patrick - Figure of 8, Omega, Carriers

Margolis, Seth Jacob - Perfect Angel

Matthews, Anne McLean - The Cave

McGrath, Patrick - Asylum, Port Mungo

North, Darian - Violation, Bone Deep, Criminal Seduction

Patterson, James - Pop Goes the Weasel, Cat and Mouse, Jack and Jill, Mary, Mary, London Bridges, Big Bad Wolf

Pyper, Andrew - Lost Girls

Rendell, Ruth - A Sight for Sore Eyes, 13 Steps Down

Salter, Anna - White Lies, Fault Lines, Shiny Water

Smith, Martin - Shadow Image

Smith, Mitchell - Reprisal

Togawa, Masako - The Lady Killer

Vine, Barbara - The Chimney Sweeper's Boy, No Night is Too Long, Grasshopper, Minotaur

Wallace, Marilyn - Current Danger, Lost Angel

Walters, Minette - The Breaker, The Echo, The Dark Room, Acid Row

White, Stephen Walsh - Cold Case, Manner of Death, Critical Conditions, Program, Warning Signs

Wilhelm, Kate - Defense for the Devil, The Good Children, Desperate Measures

Yorke, Margaret - The Price of Guilt, A Question of Belief, Serious Intent