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New York Times Non-Fiction Best Sellers 2012

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New York Times Non-Fiction Best Sellers 2012

The following is a compilation  of the New York Times Non-fiction Best Sellers List.  Along with the title and author, you will find the call  number of each book.  All titles  are available at the Manchester Public Library.


The Mobile Wave (004.167) Michael Saylor

A Year Up (331.2592) Gerald Chertavian

The Communist (B Davis) Paul Kengor

Out of the Blue (B) Victor Cruz

The Corruption Chronicles (364.1323) Thomas Fitton

Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt (305.5609) Chris Hedges

Bailout (338.973) Neil Barofsky

The Violinist’s Thumb (572.8) Sam Kean

Double Cross (940.54) Ben Macintyre

Why Does the World Exist? (113) Jim Holt

Dearie (B Child) Bob Spitz

Solo (796.334) Hope Solo

Obama’s America (973.932) Dinesh D’Souza

Paris: a love story (B) Katie Marton

Paterno (B) Joe Posnanski

Shadowbosses (331.88) Mallory Factor

The New New Deal (973.932) Michael Grunwald

Mortality (304.64) Christopher Hitchens

Every Love Story Is a Ghost Story () D. T. Max

No Easy Day (B) Mark Owen

The Secret Race (796.62) Tyler Hamilton

How Children Succeed (372.21097) Paul Tough

A Father First (B) Dwyane Wade

The Party Is Over (324.273) Mike Lofgren

The Price of Politics (338.973) Bob Woodward

The Revenge of Geography (320.12) Robert Kaplan

500 Days (973.931) Kurt Eichenwald

I’d Like to Apologize to Every Teacher I Ever Had (B) Tony Danza

Joseph Anton (B) Salman Rushdie

The Oath (347.7326) Jeffrey Toobin

Life After Death (B) Damien Echols

The Black Count (B Dumas) Tom Reiss

Waging Heavy Peace (B) Neil Young

Mugged (305.8) Ann Coulter

One Last Strike (796.357) Tony LaRussa

Into the Fire (958.1) Dakota Meyer

Listening In (973.922) Edward Widmer

The Signal and the Noise (519.542) Nate Silver

Killing Kennedy (973.922) Bill O’Reilly

Total Recall (B) Arnold Schwarzenegger

The End of Your Life Book Club (616.994) Will Schwalbe

Who I Am (B) Pete Townshend

Here Come the Black Helicopters! (341.231) Dick Morris

In the Pleasure Groove (B) John Taylor

The Finish (958.1047) Mark Bowden

Plutocrats (305.5234) Chrystia Freeland

Makeup to Breakup (B) Peter Criss

Why I Left Goldman Sachs (332.66) Greg Smith

Bruce (B Springsteen) Peter Carlin

The Generals (355.0092) Thomas Ricks

A Gift of Hope (362.5) Danielle Steel

Lost at Sea (306.1) Jon Ronson

The Last Lion, Winston Spencer Churchill (B) William Manchester

The Patriarch (B Kennedy) David Nasaw

Tap Dancing to Work (332.6092) Carol Loomis

Steve Jobs (B Jobs) Walter Isaacson

Killing Lincoln (973.709) Bill O’Reilly

Unbroken (B Zamperini) Laura Hillenbrand

Jack Kennedy ( ) Christopher Matthews

Through My Eyes (B) Tim Tebow

Thinking, Fast and Slow (153.42) Daniel Kahneman

Catherine the Great (B Catherine II) Robert Massie

Then Again (B) Diane Keaton

Heaven is for Real (133.9) Todd Burpo

In the Garden of Beasts (B Dodd) Erik Larson

Boomerang (330.9) Michael Lewis

A History of the World in 100 Objects (930.1) Neil MacGregor

Bossypants (B) Tina Fey

Destiny of the Republic (B Garfield) Candice Millard

Seriously…I’m Kidding (B) Ellen DeGeneres

Back to Work (330.973) Bill Clinton

The New New Rules (791.4572) Bill Maher

Imperfect Justice (364.1523) Jeff Ashton

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (818.6) Mindy Kaling

Arguably (814.54) Christopher Hitchens

American Sniper (B) Chris Kyle

The Obamas (B Obama Family) Jodi Kantor

Elizabeth the Queen (B Elizabeth II) Sally Bedell Smith

A Universe from Nothing (523.18) Lawrence Krauss

Pity the Billionaire (973.932) Thomas Frank

Ameritopia (320.973) Mark Levin

Quiet (155.232) Susan Cain

Fairy Tale Interrupted (B Kennedy) RoseMarie Terenzio

Strategic Vision (327.112) Zbigniew Brzezinski

All In (B Petraeus) Paula Broadwell

Coming Apart (305.8009) Charles Murray

Bringing Up Bebe (649.1) Pamela Druckerman

The Science of Yoga (613.7046) William Broad

All There Is (302.3 All) David Isay

Behind the Beautiful Forevers (305.569) Katherine Boo

That Woman (B Windsor) Anne Sebba

Unorthodox (B) Deborah Feldman

Abundance (303.483) Peter Diamandis

Indivisible (261.709) James Robison

The Power of Habit (158.1) Charles Duhigg

Becoming China’s Bitch (330.973) Peter Kiernan

House of Stone (306.0856) Anthony Shadid

Revelations (228.06) Elaine Pagels

Full Service (B) Scotty Bowers

Better Than Normal (155.232) Dale Archer

The Righteous Mind (201.615) Jonathan Haidt

Imagine (153.35) Jonah Lehrer

Wild (B) Cheryl Strayed

Some Assembly Required (B Lamott Family) Anne Lamott

Why Nations Fail (330) Daron Acemoglu

Tough Sh*t (B) Kevin Smith

Drift (306.27) Rachel Maddow

The Big Miss (796.352) Hank Haney

Soldier Dogs (355.424) Maria Goodavage

Mrs. Kennedy and Me (B) Clint Hill

Bloom (B) Kelle Hampton

Driving Mr. Yogi (796.357) Harvey Araton

Heaven Is Here (B) Stephanie Nielson

A Natural Woman (B) Carole King

Drop Dead Healthy (613.2092) A. J. Jacobs

Imperfect (B) Jim Abbott

Let’s Pretend This Never Happened (B) Jenny Lawson

The Presidents Club (973.92) Nancy Gibbs

Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake (B) Anna Quindlen

Prague Winter (943.712) Madeleine Albright

The Passage of Power (B Johnson) Robert A. Caro

My Cross to Bear (B) Gregg Allman

Manhunt (363.325) Peter Bergen

End This Depression Now! (330.973) Paul Krugman

Screwed! (337.73) Dick Morris

Most Talkative (B) Andy Cohen

Service (B) Marcus Luttrell

The Amateur (973.932) Edward Klein

The Art of Intelligence (327.1273) Henry Crumpton

It Worked for Me (B) Colin Powell

The Real Crash (330.973) Peter Schiff

Cronkite (B) Douglas Brinkley

Fearless (B Brown) Eric Blehm

The Great Destroyer (973.932) David Limbaugh

Eat and Run (796.42) Scott Jurek

I Hate Everyone…Starting with Me (814.54) Joan Rivers

Cowards (320.52) Glenn Beck

Not Taco Bell Material (814.6) Adam Carolla

Unintended Consequences (330.973) Edward Conard

The Price of Inequality (305.50973) Joseph Stiglitz

Barack Obama (B) David Maraniss

An American Son (B) Marco Rubio

Wild (B) Cheryl Strayed