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New York Times Non-Fiction Best Sellers 2009

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New York Times Non-Fiction Best Sellers 2009

The following is a compilation of the New York Times Non-fiction Best Sellers List.  Along with the title and author, you will find the call number of each book.  All titles are available at the Manchester Public Library.

Outliers (302) Malcolm Gladwell

American Lion (B Jackson) Jon Meacham

Dewey (636.8) Vicki Myron

A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity (B) Bill O’Reilly

Too Fat to Fish (B) Artie Lange

Multiple Blessings (306.874) Jon and Kate Gosselin

Hot, Flat and Crowded (363.7) Thomas Friedman

Why We Suck (814.54) Denis Leary

The Snowball (B Buffett) Alice Schroeder

Do the Right Thing (320.52) Mike Huckabee

No Limits (B) Michael Phelps

When You are Engulfed in Flames (814.54) David Sedaris

Annie Leibovitz at Work (770.92) Annie Leibovitz

Wishful Drinking (B) Carrie Fisher

The American Journey of Barack Obama (B) Life Magazine

The Return of Depression Economics and the Crisis of 2008 (330.9) Paul Krugman

The Ascent of Money (306) Niall Ferguson

Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea (306.7092) Chelsea Handler

What the Dog Saw and Other Adventures (814.6) Malcolm Gladwell

Too Big to Fail (330.973) Andrew Ross Sorkin

Highest Duty (B) Chesley Sullenberger

Eating the Dinosaur (306.0973) Chuck Klosterman

Big Man (B) Clarence Clemons

When Everything Changed (305.40973) Gail Collins

The Big Burn (973.911) Timothy Egan

Bright-sided (155.232) Barbara Ehrenreich

The Book of Basketball (796.323) Bill Simmons

My Life Outside the Ring (B) Hulk Hogan

You Better Not Cry (B) Augusten Burroughs

The Queen Mother (B Elizabeth) William Shawcross

The Audacity to Win (324.973) David Plouffe

The Sellout (332.042) Charles Gasparino

When the Game Was Ours (796.323) Larry Bird

Eating Animals (641.3) Jonathan Safran Foer

Bon Jovi (782.42166 Q) Bon Jovi

Open (B) Andre Agassi

A Simple Christmas (B) Mike Huckabee

Last Words (B) George Carlin

Going Rogue (B) Sarah Palin

Hard Work (B) Roy Williams

The Imperial Cruise (973.911) James Bradley

Letter to My Daughter (818.5409) Maya Angelou

Guilty (320.513) Ann Coulter

Animals Make Us Human (636.08) Temple Grandin

The Inheritance (327.73) David Sanger

The Breakthrough (973.932) Gwen Ifill

We Can Have Peace in the Holy Land (956.054) Jimmy Carter

The Big Rich (338.2728) Bryan Burrough

The Yankee Years (B) Joe Torre

The Gamble (956.7044) Thomas Ricks

No Angel (364.106) Jay Dobyns

How We Decide (153.83) Jonah Lehrer

Lords of Finance (332.1) Liaquat Ahamed

The Lost City of Z (918.11) David Grann

Jesus, Interrupted (220.6) Bart Ehrman

Liberty and Tyranny (320.5209) Mark Levin

House of Cards (332.66) William Cohan

A Lion Called Christian (599.757) Anthony Bourke

My Booky Wook (B) Russell Brand

The Unforgiving Minute (B) Craig Mullaney

Inside the Revolution (956.054) Joel Rosenberg

Joker One (956.7044) Donovan Campbell

Happens Every Day (B) Isabel Gillies

It Sucked and Then I Cried (B) Heather Armstrong

Columbine (373.7888) Dave Cullen

Growing Up Again (B) Mary Tyler Moore

Mommywood (B) Tori Spelling

Just When I Thought I’d Dropped My Last Egg (B) Kathie Lee Gifford

A Little Bit Wicked (B) Kristin Chenoweth

Priceless Memories (B) Bob Barker

The Girls From Ames (305.4) Jeffrey Zaslow

Not Becoming My Mother (B) Ruth Reichl

The End of Overeating (613.2) David Kessler

Losing Mum and Pup (B) Christopher Buckley

Resilience (B) Elizabeth Edwards

Pretty in Plaid (B) Jen Lancaster

A-Rod (B Rodriquez) Selena Roberts

Paul Newman (B) Shawn Levy

Red and Me (B Auerbach) Bill Russell

Bad Mother (B) Ayelet Waldman

Horse Soldiers (958.1047) Doug Stanton

Fool’s Gold (332.66) Gillian Tett

Unfinished Business (133.91) James Van Praagh

Prisoner of the State (B) Ziyang Zhao

Born to Run (796.42) Christopher McDougall

How the Mighty Fall (658.4) James Collins

The Housing Boom and Bust (332.7) Thomas Sowell

Renegade (B Obama) Richard Wolffe

Home Game (B) Michael Lewis

Prairie Tale (B) Melissa Gilbert

Soul Survivor (133.901) Bruce Leininger

Satchel (B Paige) Larry Tye

Are You Kidding Me? (796.352) Rocco Mediate

Crazy for the Storm (B) Norman Ollestad

Tears In the Darkness (940.54) Michael Norman

Catastrophe (973.932) Dick Morris

Magnificent Desolation (B) Buzz Aldrin

Shop Class as Soulcraft (331) Matthew Crawford

The Evolution of God (200.9) Robert Wright

First Things First (B) Kurt Warner

Free (658.816) Chris Anderson

Unmasked (B Jackson) Ian Halperin

The Accidental Billionaires (338.761) Ben Mezrich

Bobby and Jackie (B Kennedy) C. David Heymann

The Beckham Experiment (B Beckham) Grant Wahl

Rocket Men (629.454) Craig Nelson

Culture of Corruption (973.932) Michelle Malkin

Wilderness Warrior (973.911) Douglas Brinkley

In the President’s Secret Service (363.28) Ronald Kessler

Our Lady of Guadalupe (232.917) Carl Anderson

In Fed We Trust (332.1) David Wessel

The Battle for America 2008 (973.932) Daniel Balz

My Journey with Farrah (B Fawcett) Alana Stewart

Zeitoun (B Zeitoun) Dave Eggers

Strength in What Remains (305.896) Tracy Kidder

Nurtureshock (305.231) Po Bronson

A Big Little Life (636.75) Dean Koontz

Homer’s Odyssey (636) Gwen Cooper

The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe (B Monroe) J. Randy Taraborrelli

Official Book Club Selection (B) Kathy Griffin

Half the Sky (362.83) Nicholas Kristof

Traveling with Pomegranates (B) Sue Monk Kidd

The Healing of America (362.10973) T.R. Reid

Shooting Stars (B) LeBron James

You Were Always Mom’s Favorite (306.875) Deborah Tannen

Republican Gomorrah (324.2734) Max Blumenthal

True Compass (B) Edward Kennedy

Where Men Win Glory (B Tillman) Jon Krakauer

End the Fed (332.1109) Ron Paul

Inside of a Dog (636.7) Alexandra Horowitz

Arguing with Idiots (320.973) Glenn Beck

High on Arrival (B) Mackenzie Phillips

American on Purpose (B) Craig Ferguson

The Greatest Show on Earth (576.8) Richard Dawkins

The Case for God (211) Karen Armstrong

Have a Little Faith (296.7) Mitch Albom

The Murder of King Tut (932.014) James Patterson

The National Parks (917.3 Q) Dayton Duncan

Read My Pins (B) Madeleine Albright

Super Freakonomics (330.222) Steven Levitt

America’s Prophet (973) Bruce Feiler

Stones Into Schools (371.823) Greg Mortenson

National Geographic Image Collection (779.222 Q) National Geographic Society


edited 01/2010