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New York Times Non-Fiction Best Sellers 2008

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New York Times Non-Fiction Best Sellers 2008

The following is a compilation of the New York Times Non-fiction Best Sellers List.  Along with the title and author, you will find the call number of each book.


The Middle Place (B Corrigan) Kelly Corrigan

The Great Awakening (269.0973) Jim Wallis

The Zookeeper’s Wife (940.53) Diane Ackerman

This Republic of Suffering (973.71) Drew Gilpin Faust

Iceman (B Liddell) Chuck Liddell

Hope’s Boy (B Bridge) Andrew Bridge

The Commission (973.931) Philip Shenon

Reconciliation (297.273) Benazir Bhutto

The Age of American Unreason (973.91) Susan Jacoby

The Match (796.352) Mark Frost

Manic (B Cheney) Terri Cheney

The Reason for God (239) Timothy Keller

The Thing About Life is That One Day You’ll Be Dead (B Shields) David Shields

Predictably Irrational (330) Dan Ariely

Losing It (B Bertinelli) Valerie Bertinelli

Beautiful Boy (362.29) David Sheff

The Bush Tragedy (973.931) Jacob Weisberg

Stori Telling (B Spelling) Tori Spelling

Human Smoke (940.5311) Nicholson Baker

Retribution (940.54) Max Hastings

Common Wealth (338.9) Jeffrey D. Sachs

Physics of the Impossible (530) Michio Kaku

Tell Me Where It Hurts (636.089) Nick Trout

Mistaken Identity (617.481) Don and Susie Van Ryn &

Newell, Colleen and Whitney Cerak

The Trillion Dollar Meltdown (332.0415) Charles R. Morris

Home (B Andrews) Julie Andrews

I Am America (and So Can You!) (817) Stephen Colbert

An Inconvenient Book (973.92) Glenn Beck

Boom! (973.92) Tom Brokaw

Born Standing Up (B Martin) Steve Martin

Quiet Strength (B Dungy) Tony Dungy

Rescuing Sprite (636.7092) Mark R. Levin

Good dog. Stay. (B Quindlen) Anna Quindlen

The Nine (347.7326) Jeffrey Toobin

The Age of Turbulence (B Greenspan) Alan Greenspan

A Family Christmas (808 Family) ed. Caroline Kennedy

The War (940.53Q) Geoffrey C. Ward

Musicophilia (781.11) Oliver Sacks

Lone Survivor (958.1047) Marcus Luttrell

American Creation (973.3) Joseph Ellis

In Defense of Food (613) Michael Pollan

Free Lunch (338.973) David Cay Johnston

The Shock Doctrine (330.122) Naomi Klein

Memo to the President Elect (327.73) Madeleine Albright

Geography of Bliss (910.4) Eric Weiner

Liberal Fascism (320.533) Jonah Goldberg

Strong at the Broken Places (616.044) Richard M. Cohen

Tom Cruise (B Cruise) Andrew Morton

Real Change (320.60973) Newt Gingrich

Her Last Death (B Sonnenberg) Susanna Sonnenberg

Wishful Drinking (B Fisher) Carrie Fisher

Armageddon in Retrospect (818.54) Kurt Vonnegut

Vindicated (B Canseco) Jose Canseco

Ladies of Liberty (920) Cokie Roberts

Escape (B Jessop) Carolyn Jessop

Girls Like Us (782.42134) Sheila Weller

Standing Tall (B Stringer) Vivian Stringer

Bonk (612.6) Mary Roach

Bad Money (330.973) Kevin Phillips

Terror and Consent (363.32) Philip Bobbitt

Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea (306.7092) Chelsea Handler

Revolution (B Paul) Ron Paul

The Soloist (B Ayers) Steve Lopez

A Wolf at the Table (B Burroughs) Augusten Burroughs

A Remarkable Mother (B Carter) Jimmy Carter

A Voyage Long and Strange (970.01) Tony Horwitz

The Post-American World (303.49) Fareed Zakaria

Life Beyond Measure (B Poitier) Sidney Poitier

Audition (B Walters) Barbara Walters

The Chris Farley Show (B Farley) Tom Farley, Jr.

Stolen Innocence (B Wall) Elissa Wall

A Time to Fight (320.6) Jim Webb

Counselor (B Sorensen) Ted Sorensen

Always By My Side (B Nantz) Jim Nantz

My Stroke of Insight (362.1) Jill Bolte Taylor

Up Till Now (B Shatner) William Shatner

The New Paradigm for Financial Markets (332.0973) George Soros

The Great Derangement (973.93) Matt Taibbi

The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder (973.931) Vincent Bugliosi

Churchill, Hitler and “The Unnecessary War” (940.5311) Patrick Buchanan

When You are Engulfed in Flames (814.54) David Sedaris

The Last Campaign (973.922) Thurston Clarke

Sway (155.92) Ori Brafman

The Best Game Ever (796.332) Mark Bowden

The Drunkard’s Walk (519.2) Leonard Mlodinow

Fleeced (320.973) Dick Morris

One Minute to Midnight (972.9106) Michael Dobbs

Slavery By Another Name (305.896) Douglas Blackmon

Somewhere in Heaven (B Reeve) Christopher Andersen

A Champion’s Mind (B Sampras) Pete Sampras

Life With My Sister Madonna (B Madonna) Christopher Ciccone

The Dark Side (973.931) Jane Mayer

Yankee for Life (B Murcer) Bobby Murcer

Empires of the Sea (940.21) Roger Crowley

The Obama Nation (B Obama) Jerome Corsi

The Way of the World (973.931) Ron Suskind

The Case Against Barack Obama (324.9) David Freddoso

What I Talk About When I Talk About Running (B Murakami) Haruki Murakami

The Limits of Power (320.973) Andrew Bacevich

Waiter Rant (647.95) Waiter

Traffic (629.283) Tom Vanderbilt

Ahead of the Curve (650.071) Philip Delves Broughton

After the Fire (362.197) Robin Gaby Fisher

We Are Soldiers Still (959.704) Harold Moore

The First Billion is the Hardest (B Pickens) T. Boone Pickens

Sarah (B Palin) Kaylene Johnson

The House at Sugar Beach (B Cooper) Helene Cooper

Hot, Flat and Crowded (363.7) Thomas Friedman

The War Within (973.931) Bob Woodward

The Strongest Tribe (956.7044) Bing West

Wesley the Owl (598.97) Stacey O’Brien

The Trouble With Boys (371.821) Peg Tyre

Anticancer (616.99) David Servan-Schreiber

Angler (973.931) Barton Gellman

Through the Storm (B Spears) Lynne Spears

Boys Will Be Boys (796.332) Jeff Pearlman

The Forever War (956.7044) Dexter Filkins

Dewey (636.8) Vicki Myron

Acedia and Me (248.8) Kathleen Norris

A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity (B O’Reilly) Bill O’Reilly

Pieces of My Heart (B Wagner) Robert Wagner

Mother Warriors (618.92) Jenny McCarthy

A Promise to Ourselves (B Baldwin) Alec Baldwin

The Snowball (B Buffet) Alice Schroeder

Letter to My Daughter (818.5409) Maya Angelou

21 Nights (780.78Q) Prince

Kill Bin Laden (958.1047) Dalton Fury

The Wordy Shipmates (974.0088) Sarah Vowell

Ted, White and Blue (320.52) Ted Nugent

The Green-Collar Economy (333.79) Van Jones

Tried by War (973.7092) James McPherson

Here’s the Story (B McCormick) Maureen McCormick

Multiple Blessings (306.874) Jon Gosselin

Beyond Belief (796.357) Josh Hamilton

The Shadow Factory (327.1273) James Bamford

Against Medical Advice (B Friedman) James Patterson

The Longest Trip Home (B Grogan) John Grogan

John Lennon (B Lennon) Philip Norman

Buyology (658.834) Martin Lindstrom

Influence (746.92Q) Mary Kate Olson

Dreams From My Father (B Obama) Barack Obama

Too Fat to Fish (B Lange) Artie Lange

Call Me Ted (B Turner) Ted Turner

Outliers (302) Malcolm Gladwell

Do the Right Thing (320.52) Mike Huckabee

Why We Suck (814.54) Denis Leary

Annie Leibovitz at Work (770.92) Annie Leibovitz

The Ascent of Money (306) Niall Ferguson