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Murder Most Historical

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Murder Most Historical

A Selection of Historical Mysteries

Alexander, Bruce
The Color of Death

English judge, Sir John Fielding,
18th century

Barron, Stephanie
Jane and the Stillroom Maid

Classic mysteries set in 18th century
England feature author Jane Austen

Beaufort, Simon
A Head for Poisoning

Conspiracies are the order of the day as Sir Geoffrey Mappestone, recently returned
from the Crusades, investigates the murder of his father. Early 12th century England

Buckley, Fiona
To Ruin a Queen

16th century - Murder and treason in the court of Queen Elizabeth I,
with lady in waiting, Ursula Blanchard

Clynes, Michael
The Gallows Murders:

Being the Fifth Journal of Sir Roger Shallot Concerning Certain Wicked Conpiracies
and Horrible Murders Perpetrated in the
Reign of Henry VIII - 16th century

Day, Dianne
Beacon Street Mourning

Turn of the century San Francisco and Boston with Caroline Fremont Jones, secretarial
entrepreneur and amateur sleuth.

Doherty, P. C.
A Tournament of Murders

Chaucer's pilgrims entertain their fellow travelers with tales of murder. Late 14th century

The Devil's Hunt
13th century mysteries with Hugh Corbett, Clerk of the court to England's King Edward I

The Horus Killings
Series features Egypt's chief judge, Amertoke and the Pharoah Queen Hatusu

Dunn, Carola
Rattle His Bones

Daisy Dalrymple, British aristocrat and working woman - early 20th century

Emerson Kathy Lynn
Face Down Under the Wych Elm

Susanna, Lady Appleton, 16th century herbalist , is a force to be reckoned with
in this Elizabethan mystery series.

Eyre, Elizabeth
Dirge for a Doge

Signor Sigismondo, Renaissance sleuth and soldier of fortune - Italy

Frazer, Margaret
The Squire's Tale

Medieval England with Sister Frevisse

Grace, C. L.
The Book of Shadows

15th century England, with healer Kathryn Swinbrooke

Grayson, Richard
Death au Gratin

Fin de siecle Paris mysteries
featuring Inspector Jean-Paul Gautier

Gregory, Susanna
A Plague on Both your Houses

14th century England with
hysician Matthew Bartholomew and his monk companion, Brother Michael

Hall, Robert Lee
London Blood: Further Adventures of the American Agent Abroad: A Benjamin Franklin Mystery

18th century with Benjamin Franklin

Honig, Donald
The Sword of General Englund...
The Ghost of Major Pryor

19th century American West

King, Laurie
O, Jerusalem

19th century - with Mary Russell, brilliant young apprentice to Sherlock Holmes.

Kruger, Mary
No Honeymoon for Death

Newport, R.I., in the 1890's

Lawrence, Margaret
The Burning Bride

Late 18th century mysteries with
Maine midwife, Hannah Trevor

Linscott, Gillian
Absent Friends

Nell Bray, British suffragette and political activist - early 1900's

Lovesey, Peter
Bertie and the Crime of Passion
Late 1800's with "Bertie", Prince of Wales

Marston, Edward
The Wanton Angel

Enter the cutthroat Elizabethan theatre world with stage manager, Nicholas Bracewell.
The Hawks of Delamere
Medieval mystery series with lawyer, Gervase Bret

Meyers, Maan
The Lucifer Contract

The Tonneman family, prominent Dutch settlers, solve crimes in old New York.

Morson, Ian
Falconer and the Great Beast

Medieval series set in Oxford

Newman, Sharan
To Wear the White Cloak

12th century France with ex novice Catherine LeVendeur and her husband, Edgar

Pearce, Michael
The Mamur Zapt and the Spoils of Egypt
British- ruled Cairo in the early 1900's

Penman, Sharon Kay
Cruel as the Grave: A Medieval Mystery

12th century, medieval England

Perry, Anne
Cain His Brother

With amnesiac, erudite, working class Inspector William Monk - Victorian England

Perry, Anne
Half Moon Street

Police Inspector Thomas Pitt, his wife, Charlotte, and her wealthy sister, Emily,
are featured in this Victorian series.

Peters, Elizabeth
He Shall Thunder in the Sky

19th century Egypt with archaeologist, Amelia Peabody.

Peters, Ellis
Brother Cadfael's Penance

Medieval mysteries with Brother Cadfael,
Benedictine monk and herbalist.

Robb, Candace
The Gift of Sanctuary

14th century England with Welshman, Owen Archer, and his apothecary wife, Lucie

Robinson, Lynda Suzanne
Drinker of Blood

Lord Meren investigates the death of Queen Nefertiti. Ancient Egypt, 14th century B.C.

Ross, Kate
The Devil in Music

19th century London dandy, Julian Kestrel

Saylor, Steven
Last Seen in Massilia

In 49 B.C. Roman detective, Gordianus the Finder is dispatched to strife-torn
Massilia in search of his son, an agent of Julius Caesar.

Sedley, Kate
The Brothers of Glastonbury

15th century mysteries with peddlar
Roger the Chapman

Tremayne, Peter
Valley of the Shadow

7th century Celtic mysteries feature
Sister Fidelma of Kildare

Van Gulik, Robert
The Phantom of the Temple

Judge Dee - ancient China