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Murder Most Familiar

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Murder Most Familiar

Settle down with a cozy classic.
Classic and contemporary mysteries in the manner of Agatha Christie

Agatha Raisin and the Murderous Marriage - M.C. Beaton Agatha Raisin, now retired in the Cotswolds, is about to marry neighbor, James Lacey. When long missing (thought dead) husband, Jimmy, reappears...the wedding is off. When Jimmy is found dead (really dead), Agatha and James, now suspects, team up to solve the crime.

Miss Seeton Undercover - Hamilton Crane The villagers of Plummergen vie for the spotlight as a television crew arrives to feature the rare Plummergen Peculiar apple. When some antiques are stolen and a man is found murdered, retired art teacher Miss Emily D. Seeton, proves she's an amateur sleuth who hasn't lost her polish.

Trouble in the Town Hall - Jeanne M. Dams Retired American schoolteacher Dorothy Martin has moved to the English village of Sherebury. On her way to meet Chief Constable Alan Nesbitt for lunch she notices movement in the abandoned town hall. Inside she finds......a dead body.

A Hobby of Murder - E.X. Ferrars Seeking a change of pace on completion of his latest work, Professor Andrew Broom visits friends in the country and finds himself with a baffling murder to solve as a guest is poisoned at a dinner given in his honor. A classic cozy.

Mrs. Malory and the Only Good Lawyer - Hazel Holt No one would dispute that solicitor Graham Percy was a deadly bore, but could this have been a motive for his murder? Scenic Taviscombe by the Sea's favorite amateur sleuth, Mrs. Sheila Malory, has the honor of the solving the murder of her unwanted houseguest.

Something in the Water - Charlotte Macleod Horticulturist Professor Peter Shandy heads to a small town in Maine to investigate a lupine blooming mysteriously in the area; but he soon finds more to investigate than a spiky plant. When a patron of a seacoast inn collapses at his table, Shandy suspects foul play and finds possible grounds for murder. More Cozy Mysteries

Aird, Catherine - Hole in One
Albert, Susan Wittig - Tale of Oat Cake Crag
Atherton, Nancy - Aunt Dimity and the Family Tree
Beacon, M.C. - Busy Body
Bishop, Claudia - Dinner to Die For
Borthwick, J.S. - Foiled Again
Braun, Lilian Jackson - The Cat Who Had 60 Whiskers
Cannell, Dorothy - She Shoots to Conquer
Charles, Kate - Secret Sins
Christie, Agatha - Starring Miss Marple
Craig, Alisa - The Grub & Stakers House a Haunt
Dunn, Carola - A Colourful Death
Elkins, Aaron J. - On the Fringe
Fluke, Joanne - Apple Turnover Murder
Giroux, E. X. - Death for a Dancing Doll
Granger, Ann - A Mortal Curiosity
Hart, Carolyn G. - Dead by Midnight
Hess, Joan - Miracles in Maggody
Kelner, Toni L. - Tight as a Tick
King, Peter - Eat, Drink and be Buried
Lamalle, Cecile - Appetite for Murder
Landrum, Graham - The Garden Club Mystery
Malmont, Valerie S. - Death, Bones and Stately Homes
Meek, M.R.D. - If You Go Down to the Woods
Meier, Leslie - Wicked Witch
Myers, Tamar - Hell Hath No Curry
Pence, Joanne - The Da Vinci Cook
Pickard, Nancy - The 27 Ingredient Chile Con Carne Murders
Rich, Virginia - Baked Bean Supper Murders
Richman, Phyllis - Who's Afraid of Virginia Ham?
Ripley, Ann - Death in the Orchid Garden
Rosen, Dorothy - Death & Strudel
Ruryk, Jean - Next Week will be Better
Sawyer, Corinne Holt - Geezer Factory Murders
Sherwood, John - Creeping Jenny
Temple, Lou Jane - The Spice Box