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If You Like Rosamunde Pilcher

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If You Like....Rosamund Pilcher

The Shell Seekers, September, Coming Home, Winter Solstice, and other delightful novels that explore love and friendship and life's struggles...

You might enjoy some of the following authors:

Maeve Binchy - Light a Penny Candle . . . Firefly Summer . . . Circle of Friends
The Glass Lake . . . Tara Road . . . Scarlet Feather,
and others
These charming stories are usually set in small Irish villages.

Elizabeth Buchan - Perfect Love
British author, Buchan, skillfully handles the subject of adultery when, after twenty years of marriage, a widower's younger wife becomes romantically involved with the husband of his daughter.

Angela Huth - Wives of the Fishermen
Set in a Scottish fishing village, this novel focuses on the intricacies of a long friendship between two women.

Cathy Kelly - Someone Like You
Three women meet while vacationing in Egypt and become close friends after their return to Ireland.

Robin Pilcher - An Ocean Apart . . . Starting Over
Fans of Rosamund Pilcher might enjoy her son Robin's two novels set in rural Scotland.

Rebecca Shaw - The New Rector
Handsome new rector, Peter Harris, enters into the lives of the inhabitants of the English village of Turnham Malpas.

Mary Sheepshanks - Picking Up the Pieces
A fifty-something widow in England transforms herself after the death of her overbearing husband.

Emma Sinclair - Her Father's House
In this sweeping romantic novel, the lives of a British diplomat, his French wife, and daughter are dramatically altered by the events of the Second World War.

Alice Taylor -Across the River
Irish author writes family fiction set in rural villages of Ireland.

Joanna Trollope - A Village Affair . . . Next of Kin
This best-selling British author with a growing number of American fans writes elegant contemporary novels often set in small towns in England. The author also writes romantic historical fiction under the pseudonym Caroline Harvey -The Brass Dolphin, Legacy of Love, A Second Legacy.

Marcia Willett - A Week in Winter
An elderly Cornwall widow is opposed by her stepdaughter when she decides to sell the family estate.