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Holy Sleuths

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Holy Sleuths

Join these crime solving clerics:  rabbis, priests, nuns and ministers, as they (with the help of a higher power) bring evildoers to justice.

Black, Veronica - A vow of silence, A vow of devotion, A vow of obedience and more . . .With Sister Joan from the London order of the Daughters of Compassion.

Chesterton, G. K. -The Father Brown Omnibus. A penetrating knowledge of human nature underlies the kindly appearance of Father Brown, a British Catholic priest. Chesterton based his character on his good friend, Father John O'Connor.

Eco, Umberto - The name of the rose. 14th century Italy with Franciscan Brother William of Baskerville. Great suspense as seven bizarre deaths occur within the monastery walls.

Greeley, Andrew (priest & novelist) - Happy are the oppressed, Happy are the poor in spirit, Happy are those who thirst for justice. Chicago priest, Father Blackie Ryan, battles evil for men's souls in these contemporary mysteries.

Kemelman, Harry - That day the Rabbi left town, Sunday the Rabbi stayed home, The day the Rabbi resigned.With engaging and unorthodox New England Rabbi David Small.

Kienzle, William X. - Requiem for Moses, Call no man father, Body count.Featuring Roman Catholic Detroit priest, Father "Bob" Koesler.

Love, William - Bloody ten, Fundamentals of murder, Chartreuse clue.Former New York City cop, Jewish Davey Goldman, brings in the clues and the brilliant, wheelchair-bound, Bishop Francis X. Regan, unravels them to reveal the murderer.

McInerny, Ralph - A cardinal offense, Seed of doubt, Judas Priest, Four on the floor, Rest in pieces . . . and many more. Featuring the shrewd, but compassionate priest, Father Roger Dowling, from small town Fox River, Illinois.

O'Marie, Sister Carol Anne - Death of an angel, Death goes on retreat, Missing Madonna. Featuring Sister Mary Helen, an elderly nun and part-time sleuth who sneaks mystery stories into her plastic prayer book cover to ward off boredom while on retreat. "Isn't religion itself a mystery?" she quips.

Peters, Ellis (Pen name for Edith Pargeter) - The Potter's field, Brother Cadfael's penance, The confession of Brother Haluin and more.

Quill, Monica - Nunplussed. Sister Mary Teresa (Emptee) Demsey investigates the death of her former protege.

Smith, Charles - Reverend Randollph and the fall from Grace, Inc. The author is a Methodist minister whose mysteries feature the Rev. Dr. C.P. Randollph, former Los Angeles Rams star quarterback who takes the offensive on criminals, in this thriller involving greed, ambition and power in a large evangelical organization.

Sullivan, Winona - Dead South. Young Boston nun, Sister Cecile, and her septuagenarian sidekick, Sister Raphael, are off to South Florida to investigate the disappearance of a vacationing CIA agent.

updated October 10, 2012