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Financial Thrillers

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Financial Thrillers

Novels of financial intrigue, banking, money and power.


The Winner
David Baldacci
The life of a young mother, poor and abused by her
boyfriend is abruptly changed when a stranger offers an opportunity to win the national lottery … strings attached.

I’ll Walk Alone
Mary Higgins Clark
Identity theft

The Money Dragon
Pam Chun
Legendary story of Lau Ah Leong a poor man in China
who, at the turn of the 20th century, sets out for Hawaii in search of success and wealth, and how his ability to amass
a fortune caused him to compromise the traditions
and values of his homeland.

Wilderness of Mirrors
Linda Davies
This thriller takes the reader into the world
of venture capitalists and diamonds.

Frederick G. Dillen
After losing everything when he is caught in an
investment sham, stockbroker Barnaby Griswold
struggles to rebuild his life.

Flint’s Law
Paul Eddy
Featuring British Inspector Grace Flint
who helps to hunt down international money

The Set-Up
Zero Coupon
The Swiss Account
Paul Erdman
World of international finance, banking,

The Protege
The Fourth Order
The Successor
and more
Stephen Frey
Thrillers of investment banking and
day trading

The Namedropper
Brian Freemantle
Multi-millonaire Harvey Jordan steals other people’s identities to rob them of their assets

Money to Burn
James Grippando
Rising Wall Street investment banker Michael Centella is embroiled in corporate espionage.

Final Target
Steven Gore
Investigator Graham Gage is in a race against the FBI and Ukraine gangsters to solve an intricate stock swindle.

The Codex
Lev Grossman
A young investment broker burrows deep into the world of computer games and literary riddles while cataloguing a collection of rare manuscripts.

The Street
Lee Gruenfeld
This thriller revolves around financial markets, start-ups, the explosion and the repercussion of trading based on publicity and hype.

A Shark Out of Water
Brewing up a Storm
Right on the Money
Emma Lathen
Series featuring Wall Street banker and
detective John Putnam Thatcher

Our Kind of Traitor
John Le Carre
A hapless couple is recruited by Russian money launder Dima to help him defect but renders them pawns in a deadly international scheme.

The Liberation of Alice Love
Abby McDonald
Identity theft

Henning Mankell
This Swedish police procedural featuring Inspector
Kurt Wallander involves a series of possible interconnected
murders and a conspiracy that could have disastrous effects
on the world’s financial structure

The Millionaires
Brad Meltzer
A young money manager for a private bank that caters to
the very wealthy joins his brother in a scheme to steal
money remaining in the account of a deceased client.
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A Conflict of Interest
Adam Mitzner
Criminal Defense Attorney Alex Miller defends the head of a boutique brokerage firm

Man in the Middle
Ken Morris
Fast-paced thriller filled with deception, greed and
financial intrigue

Hedging: a Smith and Wetzon Mystery
The Big Killing
Annette Myers
With Wall Street headhunters Xenia Smith and
Leslie Wetzon

Black Friday
James Patterson
A terrorist group that calls itself the
Green Band threatens to attack Wall Street’s
financial district and cause global economic chaos

The Patriots Club
The Devil’s Banker
The First Billion
Numbered Account
Christopher Reich
Heart-stopping action and suspense in the world of high finance and international intrigue

Due Diligence
Jonathan Rush
Wall Street Investment Banking

Springer’s Gambit
W. L. Ripley
Caper with a focus on money
Laundering and the mob

Never Enough
Harold Robbins
Features investment banker David Shea

House of Lords
Philip Rosenberg
This thriller, filled with twists and turns,
features elements of corruption, money
laundering and organized crime

Death’s Little Helpers
Peter Spiegelman
New York City private investigator John March
gets more than he bargained for when he is
hired to investigate the disappearance of a
Wall Street analyst

A Gods of Greenwich
Norb Vonnegut
Wall Street investment advisor Jimmy Cusack

The Arriviste
James Wallenstein
Independent Financial Advisers

The Software Bomb
Steven Womack
A computer hacker is threatening to unleash a
worm that will disrupt a bank’s computer system
unless he is given $5 million in ransom money

Lucid Intervals
Stuart Woods
Stone Barrington and his partner Dino takes on client Herbert Fisher who claims to have won 14 million in the lotto.

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