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Dystopian Fiction

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Dystopian Fiction

Post-apocalyptic, or dystopian fiction, portrays a new way of life after a devastating catastrophe changes forever, the way we live.  The following are books which give us various scenarios of world destruction, and its aftermath; all are available at the Manchester Public Library.

Feed (Teen)...M. T. Anderson (computer implants)

Mother of Storms...John Barnes (hurricane)

Genesis...Bernard Beckett (plague)

The Compound (Teen)...S. A. Bodeen (nuclear holocaust)

The Brief History of the Dead...Kevin Brockmeier (epidemic)

Armageddon’s Children...Terry Brooks (forces of evil)

Clay’s Ark...Octavia Butler (aliens)

The Hunger Games (Teen)

Catching Fire


Suzanne Collins (war among the states)

The Passage...Justin Cronin (military experiment)

The Maze Runner (Teen)...James Dashner (amnesia)

Prayers for the Assassin

Sins of the Assassin

Heart of the Assassin

Robert Ferrigno (nuclear terrorist attack)

One Second After...William Forstchen (electro-magnetic pulse)

Gone-away World...Nick Harkaway (fire)

Into the Forest...Jean Hegland (technology failure)

Sleepless...Charlie Huston (epidemic)

The Stand...Stephen King (biochemical warfare)

Under the Dome...Stephen King (impenetrable force field)

World Made By Hand

The Witch of Hebron

James Howard Kunstler (various global catastrophes)

I Am Legend...Richard Matheson (pandemic)

The Road...Cormac McCarthy (fire)

A Canticle for Leibowitz...Walter M. Miller, Jr. (atomic holocaust)

Lucifer’s Hammer...Larry Niven (comet strike)

The War After Armageddon...Ralph Peters (terrorists)

Life As We Knew It (Teen)

The Dead and the Gone

This World We Live In

Susan Beth Pfeffer (meteor strike)

On the Beach...Nevil Shute (nuclear warfare)

Dies the Fire...S. M. Stirling (electrical power failure)

Far North...Marcel Theroux (global warming)

Day of the Triffids...John Wyndham (meteorites)


updated 04/2011