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Detecting in New England

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Detecting in New England

Planning a leaf peeping tour to Vermont in the fall or a trip along the New England coast? Perhaps a challenging hike in the White Mountains of New Hampshire is on your agenda . . . or a leisurely country drive through Connecticut's picturesque country villages.  And when the day's activities are done, what could be better than to settle in to your night's lodging (be it a country bed and breakfast, cabin, tent, fancy hotel or your own cozy living room) with a New England mystery.

Heart of the World - Linda Barnes
PI Carlotta Carlyle, a six-foot-tall redhead, is at home on the streets of Boston.
(also Deep Pockets, Big Dig, Flashpoint, Cold Case, Snapshot, Coyote & A Trouble of Fools)

Jingle Bell Bark - Laurien Berenson
Stamford, Connecticut, teacher Melanie Davis
(also A Pedigree to Die For, Once Bitten, Unleashed, Hush Puppy, Best in Show, Watchdog, Dog Eat Dog & Underdog)

Another Word for Murder - Nero Blanc
Massachusetts detective Roscoe Polycrates and his wife Belle Graham, a crossword puzzle editor for a small newspaper, team up in this cozy mystery series. Crossword puzzles included.
(also Death on the Diagonal, A Crossword to Die For, Anatomy of a Crossword, A Crossworder's Gift, Corpus de Crossword, A Crossworder's Holiday, The Crossword Connection, The Crossword Murder & Two Down)

Foiled Again - J. S. Borthwick
English professor Sarah Deane … Ocean Tide, Maine
(also Murder in the Rough, Intensive Scare Unit, Coup de Grace, My Body Lies Over the Ocean, The Garden Plot, Dolly Is Dead, The Bridled Groom & Dude On Arrival)

The Maine Mulch Murder - A. Carman Clark
Editor/sleuth Amy Creighton and constable Dort Adams join forces in Grafton, Maine.

The Cashmere Kid - Barbara Comfort
Goat lovers will enjoy this fifth installment in a series set in the lovely village of Lofton, Vermont, featuring seventy-something widow and sleuth Tish McWhinny.
(also Elusive Quarry & A Pair for the Queen)

Gaits of Heaven - Susan Conant
This dog lover's mystery set in Maine features two Alaskan Malamutes, Rowdy and Kim, and their owner, canine columnist Holly Winter.
(also Bride & Groom, The Wicked Flea, Creature Discomforts, The Baker Street Regulars, Animal Appetite, Stud Rites, Black Ribbon & Ruffly Speaking)

Death in the Vineyard Sands- Philip Craig
Retired Boston cop J. W. Jackson … Martha's Vineyard mystery series
(also Vineyard Prey, Murder at a Vineyard Mansion, Death in Vineyard Waters, A Vineyard Killing, A Vineyard Enigma, Vineyard Shadows, Vineyard Blues & A Fatal Vineyard Season)

Buried Dreams - Brendan DuBois
New Hampshire magazine columnist Lewis Cole
(also Killer Waves, Shattered Shell, & Black Tide)

Mountain Peril - Tom Eslick
New Hampshire teacher/sleuth Will Buchanan
(also Deadly Kin)

Mallets Aforethought - Sarah Graves
With home restorer/amateur sleuth Jacopia (Jake) Tiptree from Eastport, Maine
(also Trap Door, Nail Biter, Tool and Die, Wreck the Halls, Wicked Fix,Unhinged & Repair to the Grave)

With This Puzzle, I Thee Kill - Parnell Hall
Syndicated crossword puzzle columnist and sleuth, Cora Felton, and her niece Sherry (who actually constructs the crosswords) are featured in this cozy mystery series set in Bakerhaven, Connecticut.
(also Puzzled to Death, Last Puzzle and Testament, A Puzzle in a Pear Tree & A Clue for the Puzzle Lady)

The Girl Who Ran Off With Daddy - David Handler
Connecticut celebrity ghostwriter and sleuth Stewart "Hoagy" Hoag
(also The Man Who Loved Women To Death & The Man Who Cancelled Himself)

The Hot Pink Farmhouse - David Handler
Handler's second series set in Dorset, Connecticut, features noted N.Y.C. film critic Mitch Berger and Connecticut State Police Lieutenant Desiree (Des) Mitry.
(also The Cold Blue Blood & Bright Silver Star)

Masterpiece of Murder - Mary Kruger
Detective Matt Devlin and friend Brooke Cassidy are featured in this historical mystery set in Newport, Rhode Island.
(also No Honeymoon for Death & Death on Cliff Walk)

The Escher Twist - Jane Langton
Cambridge, Massachusetts, professor Homer Kelly and his wife Mary are the featured amateur sleuths in this series.
(also Murder at Monticello, Thief of Venice, The Face on the Wall, Dead As a Dodo & Divine Inspiration)

The Balloon Man - Charlotte MacLeod
Art detective Max Bittersohn and wife Sarah Kelling of Boston, Massachusetts, share the stage in this witty cozy.
(also The Odd Job, Resurrection Man, & The Gladstone Bag)

Something in the Water - Charlotte MacLeod
College professor/amateur sleuth Peter Shandy … coastal Maine setting
(also Exit the Milkman & Vane Pursuit)

New Year's Eve Murder - Leslie Meier
Holiday mystery series set in Tinker's Cove, Maine, with Lucy Stone, wife, mother, newspaper reporter and sleuth
(also Mail-Order Murder, Star Spangled Murder, Father's Day Murder & Turkey Day Murder)

The body in the Ivy - Katherine Hall Page
A culinary mystery series set in Cambridge, Massachusetts, featuring amateur sleuth and caterer Faith Fairchild.
(also Body in the Snowdrift, Body in the Attic, Body in the Lighthouse, Body in the Bonfire, Body in the Moonlight, Body in the Big Apple, Body in the Bookcase & Body in the Fjord)

The Secret Ingredient Murders - Nancy Pickard
The late Virginia Rich's "Eugenia Potter" delectable culinary series continues with this caper set in Devon, Rhode Island.
(also The Blue Corn Murders & The 27 Ingredient Chile Con Carne Murder)

The Nantucket Diet Murders - Virginia Rich
Historic Nantucket is the setting for this culinary mystery featuring likable sleuth Eugenia Potter.Amateur cooks will love the recipes!
(also The Baked Bean Supper Murders)

Indian Pipes - Cynthia Riggs
First in a Martha's Vineyard series with poet/sleuth Victoria Trumbull
(also Cemetery Yew, The Cranefly Orchid Mystery & Deadly Nightshade)

She's Not There - Mary-Ann Tirone Smith
F.B.I. agent Poppy Smith becomes involved in a murder on Block Island.
(also She's Not There)

Second Sight - William G. Tapply
Rural Garrison, Maine, is the setting for this mystery featuring Boston lawyer Brady Coyne who is visiting his novelist girlfriend.
(also First Light, Past Tense, Muscle Memory, Cutter's Run & Seventh Enemy)

Shadows at the Spring Show - Lea Wait
Antique print dealer Maggie Summer is the sleuth in this cozy series.
(also Shadow on the Ivy, Shadow on the Coast of Maine & Shadow at the Fair)

The Mad Cow Nightmare - Nancy Means Wright
Latest in Vermont series features amateur sleuth Ruth Willmarth, a mother struggling to hold her family and farm together.
(also Stolen Honey, Poison Apples, Harvest of the Bones & The Mad Season)