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Crime Scene Investigation

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Crime Scene Investigation


If you like CSI, try these books featuring forensic experts.


Origin: A novel
Diana Abu-Jaber-Fingerprint examiner Lena Dawson

The Architect
Murder Suicide
Keith Ablow-Forensic Psychiatrist Frank Clevenger

Strange Blood
Lindsay Ashford-Forensic Pathologist Dr. Megan Rhys

Remains Silent
Michael Baden-Deputy Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Jacob “Jake” Rosen

Trace Evidence
Elizabeth Becka-Forensic Scientist/Trace Evidence Expert Evelyn James

Written in Bone
The Chemistry of Death
Simon Beckett-Forensic Anthropologist Dr. David Hunter

The Sacred Bones
Michael Byrnes-Forensic Scientist Charlotte Hennesey

Critical & CD Book
Crisis & CD Book
Marker & CD Book
Vector & LP Book
Robin Cook-Medical Examiners Laurie Montgomery & Jack Stapleton

Post Mortuary & CD Book
The Scarpetta Factor & CD Book
Scarpetta & CD Book
Book of the Dead & CD Book
Predator & CD Book
Trace & CD Book
Blow Fly & CD Book
Patricia Cornwell-Forensic Pathologist Kay Scarpetta

The Burning Wire & CD Book
The Broken Window
The Cold Moon & CD Book
The Twelve Card & CD Book
The Vanished Man & CD Book
The Stone Monkey & CD Book
The Empty Chair
The Coffin Dancer
Bone Collector
Jeffery Deaver-Detective Lincoln Rhyme and Forensic Analysis Detective Amelia Sachs

Little Tiny Teeth
Unnatural Selection
Aaron Elkins-Forensic Anthropologist Gideon Oliver

G. H. Ephron-Forensic Neurophysiologist Dr. Peter Zak

Ice Cold & CD Book
The Keepsake & CD Book
The Bone Garden & CD Book
Mephisto Club & CD Book
Vanish & CD Book
Body Double & CD Book
The Sinner & CD Book
The Apprentice & CD Book
The Surgeon & CD Book
Tess Gerritsen-Boston Detective Jane Rizzoli and Medical Examiner Maura Isles

Precious Blood
Jonathan Hayes-Forensic Pathologist Edward Jenner

Blood Memory & CD Book
Greg Iles-Forensic Odontologist Catherine “Cat” Ferry

Chasing the Night & CD Book
Eight Days to Live & CD Book
Blood Game & CD Book
Quicksand & CD Book & MP3 Book
Stalemate & CD Book
Countdown & CD Book
Blind Alley & CD Book
Body of Lies & CD Book
Face of Deception & CD Book
Iris Johansen-Forensic Sculptor Eve Duncan

Dexter is Delicious & CD Book
Dexter in the Dark
Dearly Devoted Dexter
Darkly Dreaming Dexter
Jeffry Lindsay-Crime Scene Investigator and Serial Murder Dexter Morgan

The Fourth Sacrifice
The Firemaker
Peter May-Forensic Pathologist Margaret Campbell

The Silent Sleep of the Dying
A Feast of Carrion
Keith McCarthy-British Lawyer Helena Flemming and Forensic Pathologist Dr. John Eisenmenger

Flash and Bones
Spider Bones
26 Bones & CD Book & MP3 Book
Devil Bones & CD Book & MP3 Book
Bones to Ashes
Break no Bones
Cross Bones
Kathy Reichs-Forensic Anthropologist Temperance “Tempe” Brennan

White Lies
Fault Lines
Shiny Water
Anna Salter-Forensic Psychologist Michael Stone
Truth catcher
Anna Salter-Forensic Psychologist Breeze Copens

Beyond Reach
Faithless & CD Book
A Faint Cold Fear
Karin Slaughter-Pediatrician/Coroner Sara Linton