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Cozy Mysteries


Murder and mayhem doesn't always have to be messy.  A cute florist or a saucy chef can go a long way to lightening up a bad situation!  The following is a list of cozy mysteries with most recent book listed, along with the main sleuth.  All are available at the Manchester Public Library.

Andrews, Donna (Meg Langslow) Some Like It Howk

Bain, Donald (Jessica Fletcher) Madison Avenue Shoot

Barbieri, Maggie (Alison Bergeron) Physical Education

Barclay, Tessa (Gregory Crown) Diamonds in Disguise

Barron, Stephanie (Jane Austen) Jane and the Canterbury Tale

Benjamin, Carol Lea (Rachel Alexander) The Hard Way

Berenson, Laurien (Melanie Travis) Doggie Day Care Murder

Berry, Linda (Trudy Roundtree) Death and the Family Tree

Blanc, Nero (Belle Graham) Another Word for Murder

Borthwick, J.S. (Sarah Deane) Foiled Again

Bowen, Rhys (Evan Evans) Evanly Bodies

(Lady Georgiana) Naughty in Nice

(Molly Murphy ) Hush Now, Don't You Cry

Braun, Lilian Jackson (Jim Qwilleran) The Cat Who Had 60 Whiskers

Brown, Rita Mae (Mrs. Murphy) The Big Cat Nap

(Jane Arnold) Hounded to Death

Canadeo, Anne (Maggie Messina) Till Death Do We Purl

Childs, Laura (Carmela Bertrand) Skeleton Letters

(Theodosia Browning) Agony of the Leaves

Churchill, Jill (Jane Jeffry) The Accidental Florist

Clemens, Judy (Stella Crown) The Day Will Come

(Casey Maldonado) Flowers for Her Grave

Clement, Blaize (Dixie Hemingway) Cat Sitter's Pajamas

Colley, Barbara (Charlotte LaRue) Dusted to Death

Conant, Susan (Holly Winter) Brute Strength

Conant-Park, Jessica (Chloe Carter) Fed Up

Craig, Philip (Jeff Jackson) Vineyard Stalker

Daheim, Mary (Judith Flynn) The Wurst is Yet to Come

(Emma Lord) The Alpine Winter

Davidson, Diane Mott (Goldy Schulz) Crunch Time

Davis, Kyra (Sophie Katz) Vows, Vendettas and a Little Black Dress

Douglas, Carole Nelson (Midnight Louie) Cat in a White Tie and Tails

Dunn, Carola (Daisy Dalrymple) Gone West

(Eleanor Trewynn) A Colourful Death

Ferris, Monica (Betsy Devonshire) Threadbare

Fluke, Joanne (Hannah Swensen) Cinnamon Roll Murder

Fraser, Anthea (Rona Parish) A Question of Identity

Frazer, Margaret (Sister Frevisse) The Apostate’s Tale

Goldenbaum, Sally (Seaside Knitters) A Fatal Fleece

Graves, Sarah (Jacobia Tiptree) Dead Level

Haines, Carolyn (Sarah Booth Delaney) Bonefire of the Vanities

Hall, Parnell (Cora Felton) $1,000 in Small, Unmarked Puzzles

Handler, David (Desiree Mitry) The Blood Red Indian Summer

Hart, Carolyn (Annie & Max Darling) Death Comes Silently

(Bailey Ruth) Ghost in Trouble

Hess, Joan (Arly Hanks) Merry Wives of Maggody

(Claire Malloy) Deader Homes and Gardens

Jaffarian, Sue Ann (Odelia Gray) Hide and Snoop

MacInerney, Karen (Gray Whale Inn) Murder Most Maine

Malliet, G. M. (Chief Insp. St. Just) Death at the Alma Mater

Maron, Margaret (Deborah Knott) Three-Day Town

Martin, Nancy (Blackbird Sisters) No Way to Kill a Lady

McCall Smith, Alexander (Isabel Dalhousie) The Uncommon Appeal of Clouds

(#1 Ladies Detective Agency) The Limpo Academy of Private Detection

McInerny, Ralph (Roger Knight) Sham Rock

(Father Dowling) Stained Glass

McKevett, G. A. (Savannah Reid) Buried in Buttercream

McRae, Cricket (Sophie Mae) Wined and Dined

Meier, Leslie (Lucy Stone) Chocolate Covered Murder

Murphy, Shirley Rousseau (Joe Grey) Cat Coming Home

Myers, Tamar (Magdalena Yoder) Hell Hath No Curry

(Abigail Timberlake Washburn) Death of a Rug Lord

O’Connell, Catherine (High Society) Well Read and Dead

O’Donohue, Clare (Nell Fitzgerald) The Devil's Puzzle

Olson, Karen (Annie Seymour) Dead of the Day

Page, Katherine Hall (Faith Fairchild) The Body in the Boudoir

Pence, Joanne (Angie Amalfi) Da Vinci Cook

Penny, Louise (Armand Gamache)The Beautiful Mystery

Perry, Anne (Thomas & Charlotte Pitt) Dorchester Terrace

Pickens, Cathy (Avery Andrews) Hush My Mouth

Purser, Ann (Lois Mede) Foul Play at Four

Riggs, Cynthis (Victoria Trumbull) Touch-Me-Not

Ripley, Ann (Louise Eldridge) Death in the Orchid Garden

Roberts, Gillian (Amanda Pepper) All's Well That Ends

Sansom, Ian (Mobile Library) Bad Book Affair

Shelton, Connie (Charlie Parker) Balloons Can Be Murder

Short, Sharon (Josie Toadfern) Tie Dyed and Dead

Simon, Clea (Theda Krakow) Probable Claws

(Pru Marlowe) Dogs Don't Lie

Sims, Elizabeth (Rita Farmer) On Location

Smith, Mary-Ann Tirone (Poppy Rice) She Smiled Sweetly

Tallman, Shirley (Sarah Woolson) Death onTelegraph Hill

Thompson, Victoria (Sarah Brandt) Murder on Lexington Avenue

Viets, Elaine (Helen Hawthorne) Half-price Homicide

Winspear, Jacqueline (Maisie Dobbs) Elegy for Eddie


updated 11/2012