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American Historical Fiction 1600-1890

Howard Bahr
Black Flower: A Novel of the Civil War

Civil War fiction fans will enjoy this well-researched retelling of the November, 1864, Battle of Franklin, Tennessee, during which the main character, Confederate foot soldier Bushrod Carter, is wounded and the Army of Tennessee is defeated by the Union forces.

T. Coraghessan Boyle
World's End

Beginning in the late 17th century in the Hudson River Valley, this novel follows the lives of three generations of families.

Don Coldsmith

This epic novel of the North American Great Plains opens in the mid-sixteenth century with the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors and their clash with the Native Americans and continues into the early ninteenth century. The author continues the saga with his sweeping narrative South Wind .

Thomas Fleming
The Wages of Fame

The Stapletons are back in The Wages of Fame, set in the period preceding the Civil War and sequel to Remember the Morning.

Charles Frazier
Cold Mountain

This Civil War love story won the National Book Award for 1997.

Ken Follett
A Place Called Freedom

To escape a miserable life in the coal mines of 18th century Scotland, Mack Mc Ash flees to London where he is reunited with Lizzie Hallim, a childhood friend from Scotland. In their struggle for freedom, the two eventually land in America.

Margaret Forster
Lady's Maid

The loyalty of the serving class in 19th century England was not always returned by those they served. "Lily" Wilson, the personal maid and close confidant of poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning, conveys the disappointments of her own life and provides an insider's view of the class system of the time.

Diana Gabaldon
Drums of Autumn

The fourth installment of the popular Outlander series is set in pre-Revolutionary War America and continues the love story of Claire and Jamie Fraser.

Michael Kilian
Major Washington

This novel of young Washington focuses on the years 1753-1755 when he fought the battles with a passion that would change the destiny of Colonial America and loved with a passion that would lead him into a torrid love affair.

Donald McCaig
Jacob's Ladder: A Story of Virginia During the War

In this well-crafted and historically accurate novel, the author brings to life the passions and agonies of the people who were affected by the Civil War.

Maan Meyers
The Lucifer Contract: A Civil War Thriller

Set in 1864, this installment in the historical mystery series featuring various members of the Tonneman family introduces New York Evening Post correspondent Pete Tonneman, who finds himself investigating a rumored plot that threatens the town of Manhattan...another great mystery from the husband and wife team of Martin and Annette Meyers.

James A. Michener
The Eagle and the Raven

In this fictional account of the Battle of San Jacinto, the reader is invited to revisit an exciting time in Texas history when Sam Houston and Santa Ana confronted each other to determine the fate of a territory which would become in 1845 our 28th state.

Robert Morgan
The Hinterlands: A Mountain Tale in Three Parts

The Hinterlands, based on the author's own family stories, is set in the Blue Ridge Mountains between the years of 1771 and 1845.

Robert Moss
The Interpreter: A Story of Two Worlds

A novel of the American frontier, this is the story of teenage German refugee Conrad Weiser who comes to the New World, lives among the Mohawks, becomes their interpreter and guide and who, following a revolt with British agents, leads German settlers to a new life in Pennsylvania.

Stewart O'Nan
A Prayer for the Dying

Following the Civil War, a diphtheria epidemic threatens the small town of Friendship, Wisconsin. Jacob Hansen, preacher, sheriff and mortician, must enforce a quarantine in an effort to check the spread of a disease that could wipe out the town.

Eugenia Price

In this first installment of the best-selling Savannah quartet saga set in the nineteenth century, the author combines romantic fiction and history to paint a vivid portrait of the old South.

Barbara Riefe
Against All Odds: The Lucy Scott Mitchum Story

In 1849 Lucy and husband Noah leave the security of their lives in the East and travel the overland journey to California, overcoming obstacles and braving the elements, in search of a new life of wealth and opportunity.

Jeff Shaara
The Last Full Measure

In The Last Full Measure, Jeff Shaara completes the thrilling Civil War trilogy which began with the Pulitzer Prize winning The Killer Angels, written by father Michael Shaara.
Gods and Generals, the prequel to The Killer Angels, was also written by Jeff Shaara.