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African American Authors


A Celebration of Literature by African American Authors and Notable Black Writers from Around the World

Selections from the collection of the Manchester Public Library



Children of the Night: Best Short Stories by Black Writers, 1967 to the Present - ed. by Gloria Naylor (1995)
Confirmation: An Anthology of African-American Women - collected by Amiri Baraka (LeRoi Jones) and Amina Baraka (1983)...........810.8
Crossing the Danger Water: Three Hundred Years of African-American Writing - ed. and with an introduction by Deirdre Mullane (1993).............. 810.8
Crossing The Dark and Feeling: Black American Writers and Their Works - ed. by Clarence Major (1974) ........ 810.9
Dark Symphony - ed. by James A. Emanuel and Theodore L. Gross (1968)
A selection of earlier writings of major African-American writers ........... 810.8
Father Songs: Testimonies by African-American Sons and Daughters - ed. by Gloria Wade-Gayles (1997)..........810.8
National Black Drama Anthology: Eleven Plays From America's Leading African-American Theaters (1995)......... 812.008
National The Norton Anthology of African American Literature - ed. by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and Nellie Y. McKay (1997)..........810.808



Eleanor Taylor Bland
Gone Quiet (1994)...Done Wrong (1995)...Keep Still (1996)...See No Evil (1998)
Mysteries feature Illinois homicide detective Marti "Big Mac" MacAlister.
Grace Edwards
If I Should Die: a Mali Anderson Mystery (1997)...Toast Before Dying (1998)
Also: In the Shadow of the Peacock (1988 Grace Edwards-Yearwood)
Robert O. Greer
The Devil's Red Nickel (1997)...Devil's Hatband (1996)...Devil's Backbone (1998)
Mystery series with C. J. Floyd, Denver based bail bondsman
Gary Hardwick
Cold Medina (1996)...Double Dead (1997)
Gar Anthony Haywood
Not Long For This World (1990)...You Can Die Trying (1993)...It's Not a Pretty Sight (1996)...When Last Seen Alive (1997)
Featuring L.A. maintenance worker and private detective, Aaron Gunner.
Going Nowhere Fast (1994)....Bad News Travels Fast (1995)
Series with the Loudermilk family, amateur detectives.
Hugh Holton
Presumed Dead (1994)...Windy City (1995)...Chicago Blues (1996)...Violent Crimes (1997)... Red Lightning (1998)
With Chicago homicide detective, Deputy Chief Larry Cole.
Penny Mickelbury
Keeping Secrets: a Gianna Maglione mystery (1994)... One Must Wait (1998)
Featuring defense attorney, Carole Ann Gibson.
Walter Mosley
Devil in a Blue Dress (1990) ... A Red Death (1991)...White Butterfly (1992)...
Black Betty (1994)....Little Yellow Dog (1996)...Gone Fishin' (1997)
Mystery series featuring private eye, Ezekiel "Easy" Rawlins.
Barbara Neely
Blanche on the Lam (1992)...Blanche Cleans Up (1998)
Mystery series with housekeeper and amateur sleuth Blanche White and her husband, Everett Hancock.
Valerie Wilson Wesley
When Death Comes Stealing (1994)...Devil's Gonna Get Him (1995)... No Hiding Place (1997)...Easier to Kill (1998)
Mystery series featuring ex-cop private eye, Tamara Hayle.


Octavia Butler
Patternmaster (1976)...Clay's Ark (1984)...Adulthood Rites: Xenogenesis...
Kindred (1988)...Imago: Xenogenesis (1989) ...Parable of the Sower (1993)
Samuel Delany - Nebula Award Winning author and editor
Einstein Intersection (1984, c1967)...Tales of Neveryon (1979 fantasy)...
Stars in My Pocket Like Grains of Sand (1984)


Angela Benson
Between the Lines (1996)...Family Wedding (1997)...Nicest Guy in America (1997)
Sheila Copeland
Chocolate Star (1997)
Sandra Kitt
Serenade (1994)...Color of Love (1995)...Significant Others (1996)...Suddenly (1996)... Between friends (1998)
Shirley Hailstock
Whispers of Love (1997)
Felicia Mason
Rhapsody (1997)...Foolish Heart (1998)
Francis Ray
Forever Yours (1994)... Silken Betrayal (1997)... Incognito (1997)...Heart of the Falcon (1998)
Amberlina Wicker
Private Matters (1996)
Winter Nights (1998 collection of romance stories by various authors)



Edna Lee Long-Green - Occasions to Savor Our Meals, Menus, and Remembrances - Delta Sigma Theta Sorority

Marguerite A. Wright - I'm Chocolate, You're Vanilla: Raising Healthy Black and Biracial Children in a Race-Conscious World (1998) ...... 155.82 Wright

The African American Book of Values: Classic Moral Stories - edited and with commentary by Steven Barboza (1997) ........... 170.89
Famous and unknown authors speak of the values that support a good life.

The Farrakhan Factor: African American Writers on Leadership, Nationhood and Minister Louis Farrakhan (1998).........297.87

Joseph L. White & James H. Cones III - Black Man Emerging: Facing the Past and Seizing a Future in America (1999) ............. 305.38 White The authors, distinguished academics in psychology and psychiatry, examine the factors, cultural and personal, which will enable black men in America to achieve their full potential.

Shelby Steele - The Content of Our Character: A New Vision of Race in America (1990 winner of National Book Critics Circle Award) and A Dream Deferred: The Second Betrayal of Black Freedom in America .......... 305.8 Steele

Sam Fulwood - Waking from the Dream: My Life in the Black Middle Class
(1996) .................... 305.896 Fulwood

Clarence Page - Showing My Color: Impolite Essays on Race and Identity (1996).......305.896 Page Pulitzer Prize winning journalist speaks with insight and candor on complex and troubling issues.

Donna Marie Williams - Black Eyed Peas for the Soul: Tales to Strengthen the African American Spirit & Encourage the Heart (1997)....305.896 Williams

Barbara Eklof - For Every Season: The Complete Guide to African American Celebrations, Traditional to Contemporary (1997)......... 394.76 Eklof

James Reed - Black Men's Guide to Good Health (1994) .......... 613

Jonell Nash - Low-Fat Soul (1996) ...... 641.59 by the food editor of Essence Magazine

Joe Randall - Taste of Heritage: New African American Cuisine (1998) 641.59 Randall

Claudette Sims - Loving Me: A Sisterfriend's Guide To Being Single and Happy (1998) ......... 646.7 Sims

Alfred Fornay - The African-American Woman's Guide to Successful Make-Up and Skin Care (1998)....... 646.726 Fornay

Anita Doreen Diggs and Dr. Vera S. Paster - Staying Married: A Guide For African American Couples (1998)..........646.78 Diggs

Freeman Hrabowski - Beating the Odds: Raising Academically Succesful African American Males (1998) ...... 649.15796 Hrabowski

Anita Doreen Diggs - Success At Work: a Guide for African-Americans (1993) ....650.13 Diggs

George C. Fraser - Success Runs in Our Race: the Complete Guide to Effective Networking in the African-American Community (1994) .....650.13 Fraser

Romare Bearden - A History of African-American Artists from 1792 to the Present (1993) ........704 q Bearden

Regenia Perry - Free Within Ourselves: African-American Artists in the Collection of the National Museum of American Art (1992)........704.0396 q

The Blues is a Feeling: Voices & Visions of African-American Blues Musicians (1998)........ 781.643 q Fraher James Fraher's photographs and interviews pay magnificent tribute to the spirit and contributions of blues musicians.

Kpomassie, Tete-Michel - An African in Greenland (1983).......... 919.8204
A young African man, wishing to escape the fate destined for him in his homeland and fascinated by stories of Eskimos, makes his way to Greenland and lives among the people of the far North.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Alan Steinberg - Black Profiles in Courage: a Legacy of African-American Achievement with foreword by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. (1996)..........973.0496

Edward Ball - Slaves in the Family (1998) Winner of the National Book Award

Michael H. Cottman - The Wreck of the Henrietta Marie: an African-American's Spiritual Journey to Uncover a Sunken Slave Ship's Past (1999).........975.941 Cottman, a Pulitzer Prize winning political writer for the Washington Post and a scuba diver, reconstructs the story of the journey and wreck of a British slave ship.


Rosemary L. Bray - Unafraid of the Dark (1998).......... B Bray
A former editor the The New York Times Book Review talks of the struggles of her childhood in Chicago, the value of the public support she received and her success as one of the first African-American women to attend Yale University.

Charles Evers - Have No Fear: The Charles Evers Story (1997) ........ B Evers
Brother of the slain civil rights leader Medgar Evers and mayor of Fayette, Mississippi for 25 years, Charles Evers sheds new light on his brother's life and that of the Civil Rights movement.

Henry Louis Gates - Colored People: a Memoir (1994).......B Gates
The chairman of African American Studies at Harvard celebrates his family and the close community ties which influenced him as a child in West Virginia.

Patti LaBelle - Don't Block the Blessings: Revelations of a Lifetime (1996) ...B LaBelle

James McBride - The Color of Water: A Black Man's Tribute To His White Mother (1996) One of twelve children, the writer recounts his upbringing by his eccentric and determined white Jewish mother, an outcast from her own family and community, who gave to all her children the sense of personal respect which would enable them to succeed.

John McCline - Slavery in the Clover Bottoms (1998) ........B McCline
Born into slavery, John McCline escaped, worked for the Union Army during the Civil War, and went West to become a leader in the black community of Santa Fe.

Janet McDonald - Project Girl (1999) ............B McDonald
An academically gifted young woman raised in New York Public Housing, but educated with privileged children, is torn between two worlds.

Deborah E. Mcdowell - Leaving Pipe Shop: Memories of Kin (1996)....... B McDowell
The writer tells movingly of her Alabama childhood.

Robert B. Stepto - Blue as the Lake: a Personal Geography (1998) ....... B Stepto
Yale Professor and Connecticut author, Robert Stepto, writes eloquently of a family history which reflects the importance of place in experience.

John Edgar Wideman - Fatheralong: a Meditation On Fathers and Sons, Race and Society (1994)............... B Wideman

Juan Williams - Thurgood Marshall: American Revolutionary (1998) .......B Marshall
The host of the American Black Forum and author of Eyes on the Prize writes of the life and legacy of the first African-American Supreme Court Justice.


Achebe, Chinua - Nigeria
Honorary Fellow of the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters, this Nigerian author's works are read worldwide. Things Fall Apart (1994 c1959)...No Longer At Ease (1961)...Girls At War, and Other Stories (1973)...Anthills of the Savannah (1987 finalist for Booker Prize)...Arrow of God (1987)

Andre Alexis - Trinidad
Childhood (1998)

Maya Angelou - Traumatized as a child, Maya Angelou, though silent for five years, went on to a many-faceted career as an actress, director, playwright, screenwriter, editor, civil rights activist, poet and professor. Her many biographical works evidence the creative and resourceful resilience of African American women.
A sampling includes:
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (1969) B Angelou... All God's Children Need Traveling Shoes (1986) 818.5409
Even The Stars Look Lonesome (1997)B Angelou
Sampling of Poetry: Life Doesn't Frighten Me (1993) 811.54...Complete Collected Poems of Maya Angelou (1994) 811.54. - Many other titles available

Tina McElroy Ansa
Baby of the Family (1989)...Ugly Ways (1993)...The Hand I Fan With (1996)

Erroll J. Bailey, M.D. - founder of Dream Merchants, Inc., a youth empowerment and mentoring program for troubled children
Mr. Dream Merchant (1998) Inspirational story which illuminates what is necessary for a good life.

James Baldwin (1924-1987) playwright, essayist, novelist and social critic
Stifled by social and racial attitudes, James Baldwin wrote some of his most important works in France where he blossomed as an artist with a social conscience. Best known for his autobiographical novel, Go Tell It on the Mountain (1953), the author also wrote: If Beale Street Could Talk (1974)
Plays: Blues for Mister Charlie...Amen Corner (812)...One Day, When I Was Lost (812)......... Devil Finds Work: an Essay (791.43)....... Notes of a Native Son (305.8)

Toni Cade Bambara
Tales and Stories for Black Folks (1971) 808.83...The Seabirds Are Still Alive (1977)

Venise Berry
So Good (1996) - With wit and compassion, the author focuses on three women, their friendships and their relationships with men.

Connie Briscoe
Sisters and Lovers (1994) Three suburban Maryland sisters long for different lives in this realistic and humorous novel. ............ Big girls don't cry (1996)

Gwendolyn Brooks - Illinois Poet Laureate and Pulitzer Prize Winner
Poetry: BeanEaters (1960) 811...Selected Poems (1993) 811.54

Anita Richmond Bunkley
Black Gold (1994)...Wild Embers (1995 - romantic historical fiction WWII)...
Starlight Passage (1996)...Balancing Act (1997)
Steppin' Out With Attitude: Sister Sell Your Dream (1998) 650.1 The author speaks on success for African-American women.

Bebe Moore Campbell - contemporary and historical fiction
Your Blues Ain't Like Mine (1992) - Impact of a murder in a small Mississippi town. Brothers and sisters (1994) - A young woman banker struggles to climb career ladder and maintain her friendships in contemporary Los Angeles.
Singing in the comeback choir (1998)
Biography: Sweet Summer: Growing Up Without My Dad (1990) B Campbell

Lorene Cary
Price of a Child (1995)

Patrick Chamoiseau - Martinique
Texaco (1997)

Colin Channer - Jamaican born author resides in New York City
Waiting in Vain (1998) A moving love story.

Barbara Chase-Riboud
Sally Hemings - (1979 historical fiction) Winner of Janet Heidinger Kafka Award for excellence in literature. Echo of Lions (1989)...President's Daughter (1994)

Charles Waddell Chesnutt 1858-1932
Major contributor to early literature in stories, novels and journals
Conjure Woman and Other Tales...Short Fiction of Charles W. Chesnutt...Mandy Oxendine: a novel...Journals of Charles W. Chesnutt (814.403)

Alice Childress - novelist and author of several children's books
A Short Walk (1979)
Like One of the Family: Conversations From a Domestic's Life (1986)

Michelle Cliff - Jamaican born author lives in California
Free Enterprise (1993 historical fiction)...The Store of a Million Items: Stories (1998)

Evelyn Coleman
What a Woman's Gotta Do (1998)

J. California Cooper
Homemade Love (1986)...Some Soul to Keep (1987)...Some Love, Some Pain, Sometime (1995)...Wake of the Wind (1998 historical fiction, Texas)

Ellis Cose
The Best Defense (1998 legal thriller)
Recent works of non-fiction: Rage of a Privileged Class (1993) 305.896
Color-blind: Seeing Beyond Race in a Race-obsessed World. (1997) 305.8 Cose

Edwidge Danticat - Born in Haiti, and now a resident of New York, Edwidge Danticat was named one of the 20 Best Young Novelists by Granta in 1998.
Breath Eyes, Memory (1998 c1994)
Krik? Krak! (1995) - Nominated for National Book Award...Farming of Bones (1998)

Thulani Davis
1959 (1991) ... Maker of Saints (1996)

Eric Jerome Dickey
Sister, Sister (1996)... Friends and Lovers (1997)...Milk in My Coffee (1998)

Rita Dove - Pulitzer Prize Winning author and appointed U.S. Poet Laureate in 1993
Poetry includes: Yellow House on the Corner (1989) 811.54 ... Selected Poems (1993)
811.54.......... Plays: Darker Face of the Earth: a play (1996) 812.54 Dove
Fiction: Through the Ivory Gate (1992)

Tanarive Due
The Between (1995) - A thriller and tale of the supernatural. A man whose grandmother rescued him from drowning struggles to keep his life together when his family is threatened by racial threats...My Soul To Keep (1997)

Erika Ellis
Good Fences (1997)

Ralph Ellison (1914-1994)
Invisible Man (1952) - Immensely influential story in which a young man's trust in goodness is betrayed by a society in which racial considerations render him invisible as an individual. The author won the National Book Award for this powerful novel. He saw literature as a "raft of hope" needed to navigate the "snags and whirlpools that mark our nation's vacillating course toward and away from the democratic ideal."
Selection of other works: Flying Home and Other Stories (1996)...Shadow and Act -809.8...Going to the Territory - 818.5409

Albert French
Billy (1993)...Holly (1995)...I Can't Wait on God (1998)

Ernest J. Gaines - historical fiction and children's books
Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman (1971) historical fiction
A Lesson Before Dying (1993) 1994 National Book Club Critics Circle Award

Nikki Giovanni
Selected Poems of Nikki Giovanni (1996) 811.54

Alex Haley 1921-1992 Winner of Pulitzer Prize for Roots
Mama Flora's Family (1998)
Biographical non-fiction: Roots: the Saga of an American Family (1976) 929.2 - Traces family history from mid-eighteenth century when an ancestor was sold into
slavery through subsequent generations in America.
Alex Haley's Queen (1993 sequel to Roots ) 929.2
Autobiography of Malcolm X (1965)

E. Lynn Harris - Author deals with themes of interpersonal relationships and sexual identity.
Just as I Am (1995)...And This Too Shall Pass (1996) (print & cassette version)
If This World Were Mine (1997)

Mars Hill
The Moaner's Bench (1998) - A young man comes of age in Depression era Arkansas
in the author's debut novel.

Zora Neale Hurston 1891-1960 Folklorist, novelist, anthropologist
Their Eyes Were Watching God (1991 c1937)
The Complete Stories (1995)...Also available on audiocassette

Sheneska Jackson
Caught Up in the Rapture (1996) - A minister's daughter becomes romantically involved with a rap singer who has a criminal record and learns to respect her true values.
Blessings (1998)

Yolanda Joe
Falling Leaves of Ivy (1992)...He Say, She Say (1996)...Bebe's By Golly Now (1998)

Charles Richard Johnson
Faith and the Good Thing (1974)...Oxherding Tale (1982)
Middle Passage (1990 winner of National Book Award)
Dreamer (1998)
Nonfiction: Africans in America: America's Journey Through Slavery (1998)973.0496

Guy Johnson
Standing at the Scratch Line (1998 - Historical saga) ... first novel by son of Maya Angelou. His poetry has appeared in Essence magazine and My Brother's Keeper

James Weldon Johnson 1871-1938
God's Tombones: Seven Negro Sermons in Verse (1927) (Poetry available on tape & in print: 811) ............ Book of American Negro Poetry (1922) 811

Gayl Jones
White Rat (1977 stories)...The Healing (1998)

Jamaica Kincaid - Born in St. John's, Antigua, this West Indian author has written several autobiographical novels
Annie John (1985)...Lucy (1990)...Autobiography of My Mother (1996)

Nella Larsen
An Intimation of Things Distant: The Collected Fiction of Nella Larsen (1992)
The author's focus was on the constricted lives of middle class African American women. Nella Larsen was an influential figure in the Harlem Renaissance and the first African-American woman to be awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship.

Benilde Little - Sometimes compared to Terry McMillan, author's themes concern career, relationships and social life of contemporary professional African Americans.
Good Hair (1996)...The Itch (1998)

Clarence Major
Such Was the Season (1987)...Painted Turtle: Woman with a Guitar (1988)
Fun and Games: Short Fiction (1990)...Dirty Bird Blues (1996)

Paule Marshall
Soul Clap Hands and Sing (1961)
Praisesong for the Widow (1983) ... Reena and Other Stories (1983)...Daughters (1991)

Reginald McKnight
Kind of Light That Shines on Texas: stories (1991)...White Boys: stories (1998)

McLarin, Kim
Taming It Down: A novel (1998)

Terry McMillan - With humor and wit the author portrays contemporary men and women . . . their loves, ambitions, and family struggles.
Mama (1987)...Disappearing acts (1989)...Waiting to exhale (1992)
How Stella Got Her Groove Back (1996

Rosalynn McMillan
Knowing (1996)...One Better (1997)...Blue Collar Blues (1998)

Sharon Mitchell
Nothing But the Rent (1998) Four African- American women renew college ties.

Toni Morrison - Awarded Nobel Prize in Literature 1993
The Bluest Eye (1994, c1970)
Song of Solomon (1977) National Book Critics Circle Award
Tar Baby (1981)...Sula (1982)
Beloved (1987) Won Pulitzer Prize in Literature
Jazz (1992)
Nonfiction: Playing in the Dark: Whiteness and the Literary Imagination-810.803

Walter Mosley - Best known for his mysteries featuring private eye Easy Rawlins, Mosley has recently written several novels of literary fiction
RL's Dream (1995)...Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned (1998)...Blue Light (1998)

Jess Mowry
Themes of young adults coming of age in the city
Rats in Trees (1990)...Way Past Cool (1992)...Six Out of Seven (1993)

Gloria Naylor
Women of Brewster Place (1982) Winner of American Book Award
Linden Hills (1985)...Mama Day (1988)...Bailey's Cafe (1992)
Men of Brewster Place (1998)

Gwendolyn Parker - Connecticut Author
These Same Long Bones (1994)

Gordon Parks - Pioneering photojournalist, writer, filmmaker, and musician
Learning Tree (1963)...Shannon (1981)
Biographical works: Moments Without Proper Names (1975) 779.0924 q
Voices in the mirror (1990) 770.92
Growing Up Black: from the Slave Days to the Present (1990) 1920

Phyllis Alesia Perry - Pulitzer Prize winning newspaper editor
Stigmata: a Novel (1998 - historical fiction)

Ann Petry 1911-1997 Connecticut Author, Old Saybrook
The Street (1946) The author's starkly realistic story of a poor African-American woman's struggle for survival in urban America became a bestseller in 1946 and is regarded as a classic in African-American Literature.
Narrows (1953)...Country Place (1971)...Tituba of Salem Village (1964) J-YP Petry

Linda Raymond
Rocking the Babies (1994 - Two grandmothers, one middle class and one poor, share their experiences while volunteering in the newborn unit at a hospital and overcome their initial distrust to become friends.)

Ishmael Reed
Reckless Eyeballing (1986)...Japanese by Spring (1993)...Shrovetide In Old New Orleans (1978) 814.54

John Ridley
Stray Dogs (1997)

Kimberla Lawson Roby
Here and Now (1999) - A contemporary story of two sisters each of whom believes the other has a better life; one who is married and financially secure longs for children while the other must struggle on her own to support herself and her child.

Rosemarie Robotham
Zachary's Wings (1998)

Dori Sanders
Clover (1990 - Story of race relations in the modern South)
Her own Place (1993)

Push (1996) An emotionally and sexually abused young woman becomes pregnant by her father and struggles to develop a sense of self and a better life for her child.

Danzy Senna
Caucasia (1998)

Ntozake Shange - playwright, poet & novelist
Sassafras, cypress & indigo (1982)...Liliane (1994)
Poetry: For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf: a Chorepoem (1989) 811.54 ... Nappy Edges (1978) 811

April Sinclair
Coffee will make you black (1994)...Ain't Gonna Be the Same Fool Twice (1996)

Wole Soyinka - Nigerian Poet - Awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature (1986)
Works in collection: Idanre and Poems (821)...Isara, a voyage round Essay (896)...Ake: the Years of Childhood (822.9 Soyinka)

Omar Tyree - writes of contemporary families and issues
Do Right Man (1997)...Single Mom (1998)

A.J. Verdelle
The Good Negress (1995) finalist for the PEN/Faulkner Award

Derek Walcott - West Indian (Born St. Lucia) Poet, essayist, playwright.
Awarded Nobel Prize in Literature 1992
Poetry in collection includes: Gulf, poems (821)...FortunateTraveller..Midsummer ....Omeros... The Bounty (811)...Recent Essays: What the Twilight says (1998) ... Plays: Dream on Monkey Mountain and other Plays (822)

Alice Walker - Awarded Pulitzer Prize 1982
Meridian (1976)...The Color Purple (1982)...Temple of My Familiar (1989)...Possessing the Secret of Joy (1992)...By the Light of My Father's Smile 1998
Poetry: Once (811.54)

Delorys Welch-Tyson
Gingersnaps (1998) relationships of contemporary career women

Dorothy West 1907 - 1998 Distinguished writer of the Harlem Renaissance
The richer, the poorer: stories, sketches and reminiscences (1995)
The Wedding (1995)

John Edgar Wideman - Novelist, educator, essayist
Sent for You Yesterday (1984 winner of PEN/Faulkner Award)
Reuben (1987)... Fever (1989)...Stories of John Edgar Wideman (1992)...All Stories Are True (on cassette 1993)...Cattle Killing (1996)...Two cities (1998)...ed. Best American Short Stories 1996...

Richard S. Wright 1908-1960
Though Richard Wright had little formal education, his passion for reading and early work won him a Guggenheim Fellowship which helped support his work on Native Son (1940). The author's most influential work, it is a shocking story of the brutal effects racism and violence, themes which would be passionately put forth by the author throughout his career.
Other works: Uncle Tom's Children...Outsider...Early Works
Biography: Black Boy (American Hunger) a Record of Childhood and Youth (1945) B Wright


Black Beat....Black Enterprise.....Ebony.....Essence.....Heart & Soul.....Jet

Note: In addition to the selections above, the Manchester Public Library maintains many other titles by African American authors and works by other authors which focus on experiences, history and contributions of African Americans. Our staff will be pleased to assist you in following your interests.