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Adventure and Intrigue

Manchester Public Library Reader's Connection

Military action, espionage, and intrigue

Armstrong, Campbell - Jigsaw
Special Branch antiterrorist Frank Pagan deals with a seductive assassin and the Undertakers, powerful brotherhood of men who sow seeds of political terror with the ultimate aim of worldwide financial domination. Also by Armstrong: White Light and Mambo and Concert of Ghosts

Cobb, James H. - Choosers of the Slain...Sea Strike...Target Lock
(Action packed technothrillers featuring Naval Commander Amanda Lee Garrett)

Coyle, Harold - Bright Star
Libyan terrorists attempt to assassinate the U.S. and Egyptian presidents and U.S. and Soviet troops, despite Glasnost, are drawn into an all-out war. Also, God's Children, Code of Honor, Trial by Fire and others

Cullen, Robert - Dispatch From a Cold Country
Political corruption and greed threaten the balance of power inPost Cold War Russia Federation). Also by Cullen: Heirs of the Fire, Mulligan for Bobby Jobe and Soviet Sources

Cussler, Clive -Shock Wave...Deep Six...Flood Tide
( Action, intrigue & suspense featuring Dirk Pitt, adventurer/underwater salvage expert) Also, Black Wind, Trojan Odyssey, Valhalla Rising, Atlantis Found and others

Deutermann, Peter - Official Privilege
Commander Dan Collins and civilian Naval Service investigative lawyer, Grace Ellen Snow, team up to discover who is behind the killing of a young Naval officer and find that they are threatened from corruption within in this tense military thriller/ mystery. Also, Zero Option, Sweepers, Hunting Season, Cat Dancers and Firefly.

Dinallo, Greg -Red Ink
A Russian journalist and American Treasury special Agent pursue an international crime ring intent on laundering fantastic sums of money.

Freemantle, Brian - Charlie's Apprentice
Veteran spy Charlie Muffin is called into action when his new apprentice is captured in Beijing. Post Cold War politics prove mighty dirty business. Also by Freemantle: No Time for Heroes, Bomb Grade, To Save a Son, Kings of Many Castles and Dead Men Living.

Grady, James - White Flame
Faron Sears is a charismatic African-American candidate for the Presidency who refuses to play by the old rules... and someone within his organization has targeted him for assassination in this chilling political thriller by the author of Six Days of the Condor. Also by Grady:Thunder

Hagberg, David - Assassin
Ex-CIA officer Kirk McGarvey is pitted against the sinister Russian Tarantula in this action packed adventure. Also try: Countdown, Critical Mass, Desert Fire, White House, Joshua's Hammer and Kill Zone

Harrison, Payne - Black Cipher
Faisal Smith, a brilliant British codebreaker, must unlock the mysterious Black Cipher messages that signal a threat to the British Government is emanating from within.

Hartov, Steven - Heat of Ramadan...Nylon Hand of God
(Political intrigue and terrorism in the Mid-East) Also: Devil's Shepard

James, Donald - Monstrum
Russia in the year 2015... Provincial police inspector Constantin Vadim is tracking a serial killer and becomes involved in political intrigue that threatens survival of the nation.

Kosko, Bart - Nanotime
A brilliant, but mad, terrorist, microchip- controlled killers, escalating conflict in the Mideast, and a race to gain control of the ultimate energy source all figure in this riveting cyberthriller.

Littell, Robert - Walking Back the Cat
A disaffected Gulf War vet and a group of reservation Apaches aredrawn into a web of deception and danger involving the Underworld, old guard superpatriots and old-fashioned greed. Also: Once and Future Spy and Legends

Ludlum, Robert - The Matarese Countdown
You thought that the Matarese Circle had been destroyed long ago? The evil cabal is back and money is the new political reality in this chilling tale of threatened world domination through economic control... Other tales of intrigue include: Bourne Identity, Bourne Supremacy and Bourne Ultimatum.

Trenhaile, John - Acts of Betrayal
An innocent businessman is accused of being involved in IRA terrorist activities which threaten the English legal system. Also try: Blood Rules

Watson, Ian - Hard Questions
Qua, a quantum computer that operates with previously unknown power and speed, is the object sought by government agents, industrial spies and cult disciples in this futuristic thriller.

White, Robin - Siberian Light
A beautiful Russian- American intent on saving the Siberian Tiger is accused of murder in this tense political thriller/ mystery - - in the manner of Gorky Park and Smilla's Sense of Snow. Also, Ice Curtain and Typhoon

Looking for more adventure?

Abercrombie, Neil - Blood of Patriots
Aellen, Richard - Cain Conversion
Anderson, Kevin J. - Ignition
Andrew, Joseph J. - The Disciples
Brown, Dale - Storming Heaven...Act of War...Plan of Attack
Clancy, Tom - Patriot Games
Couch, Dick - Silent Descent
Deighton, Len - Berlin Game, Mexico Set, London Match...Spy Hook, Spy Line, Spy Sinker... Faith, Hope, Charity (featuring British Agent, Bernard Samson).
Egleton, Clive - Hostile Intent...A Warning Shot...Renegades... Sleeper...Cry Havoc...One Man Running
Flannery, Sean - Zebra Network
Forsyth, Frederick - Dogs of War...Day of the Jackal...Fist of God...Icon
Furst, Alan - The Polish Officer...World at Night...Night Soldiers...Dark Voyage...Foreign Correspondent
Griffin. W.E.B. - Saboteurs
Heath, Layne - Blue Deep
Ignatius, David - A Firing Offense...Agents of Innocence
Iles, Greg - Black Cross...Spandau Phoenix
Levine, Michael - Triangle of Death
Lustbader, Eric - Miko...Jian...Zero...Second Skin
Meade, Glenn - Snow Wolf
Moore, Brian - The Statement
Nance, John - Last Hostage...Pandora's Clock...Medusa's Child
O'Reilly, Victor - Rules of the Hunt...The Devil's Footprint
Pollock. J. C. - Threat Case...Goering's List
Sallis, James - Death Will Have Your Eyes
Silva, Daniel - Mark of the Assassin...Unlikely Spy...Messenger...Prince of Fire...Confessor...Kill Artist
Smith, Martin Cruz - Gorky Park
Smith, Wilbur - A Time To Die
Stevenson III, Robert Louis - Torchlight