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A Romantic Interlude

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A Romantic Interlude

Love Stories, gentle and contemporary romance, romantic suspense and spicy historicals are featured in this listing of romance fiction.


Absolutely, Positively - Jayne Ann Krentz . . . As trustee of her late father's scientific foundation and owner of the Abberwick Tea & Spice Company, Molly Abberwick is positively frustrated with Dr. Harry Stratton Trevelyan, the scientist she has hired to review new inventions. Molly is about to fire the seemingly unimaginative Harry when he presents her with a a cooly calculated, but audacious proposal. They will have an affair . . .

Acts of love - Judith Michael . . . On the death of his beloved grandmother, a noted stage actress, director Lucas Cameron discovers letters sent to her by her protegee, Jessica Fontaine, who mysteriously disappeared after a tragic accident. Captivated by what he learns, Lucas sets out to find Jessicaand both find the transforming power of love.

Adam's Fall - Sandra Brown . . . Lilah Mason, a talented physical therapist, finds her professional detachment seriously challenged by the handsome Adam Cavanaugh, a man she had previously despised, when she takes on the challenge of treating him after he sustains a paralyzing climbing accident. Sandra Brown delivers her trademark romantic tension and earthy repartee as sparks fly between these reluctant lovers.

Born in Fire - Nora Roberts . . . This first novel of a romantic trilogy set in western Ireland focuses on the Concannon sisters, modern, ambitious and talented women possessing the timeless spirit of their land; and don't miss Born in Ice and Born in Shame.

Bridges of Madison County - Robert James Waller . . . An Iowa farm wife, no longer young, meets a traveling National Geographic photographer and both discover a love which will not be denied . . . a love which will sustain them throughout their lives. A tender and moving story.

Bygones - Lavyrle Spencer . . . A bitter divorce ended Bess and Michael's marriage six years ago, but their daughter Lisa has never accepted its finality. As a wary Bess and Michael come together to plan Lisa's wedding, a spark of their old love is rekindled and the need to heal conquers the resentments of the past.

The English Patient - Michael Ondaatje . . . A haunting story of the cruelty war imposes on individuals and the supremacy of love in the life of the human spirit.

Enlightening Delilah - Marion Chesney . . . This deliciously amusing Regency romance features a love- spurned heroine who toys with prospective suitors as she attempts to thwart the professional matchmakers hired by her father.

The Everlasting Covenant- Robyn Carr . . . In 15 th century England the Wars of the Roses cruelly divides families, friends, and lovers. Beautiful Anne Gifford finds she must enter a loveless marriage in order to save herself and the child of the man she truly loves, Dylan de Frayne. Separated by treachery and warfare and years of heartache these lovers triumph over all their adversaries. A love story rich in historical detail.

Had we never loved - Patricia Veryan . . . Lord Horatio Glendenning's family estate is threatened by the League of the Jewelled Men. His heart is taken by a beguiling gypsy maiden who teaches him a lesson in courage as well as love. A spellbinding romantic adventure set in Georgian England.

Heartbeat- Danielle Steel . . . When she becomes pregnant, Adrien Townsend finds her idyllic existence is cruelly threatened as her husband insists that he will never accept the role of fatherhood. A poignant story of a modern woman who discovers the true meaning of love.

Heaven's Price - Sandra Brown . . . Beautiful dancer, Blair Simpson has devoted her life to her art since she was a young girl. When she injures her legs, she goes to a small town to heal. There she meets Sean Garrett, a man with a determination to match Blair's own - a man whose passion will challenge Blair's wandering gypsy existence.

In Pursuit of the Green Lion - Judith Merkle Riley . . . In 14th century Europe, a remarkable Englishwoman, accompanied by an herbalist and master alchemist, follows her heart into the horrors of the Hundred Years' War in search of her second husband, a man she has come to love despite the terrible circumstances that occasioned their marriage. A fascinating of tale of love and adventure.

Joy and Anger - Jennifer Blake . . . Searching for authenticity in portraying Louisiana Bayou life and Cajun culture, rising director Julie Bullard persuades enigmatic Rey Tabard, also known as the "Swamp Rat", to act as technical director for her first high-budget film. Before the filming is complete, Julie will deal with two deaths on set and Rey's challenge to her well-ordered love life.

Love in Another Town - Barbara Taylor Bradford . . . Maggie, a 44 year-old designer whose husband has left her for a younger woman, meets Jake, 29, a brilliant engineer struggling with a difficult separation. As they work together renovating an old farmhouse in rural Kent, CT, they find a love that grows to support them both in the conflicts they must resolve.

Love Me Forever - Johanna Lindsey . . . Deception and dark family secrets threaten the happiness of a young and innocent woman in this tale of love and betrayal.Still mourning the loss of her mother and wounded by the rejection of her fiance, young Lady Kimberly Richards finds she is being asked to marry Lachlan MacGregor, a man she considers to be a golddigger, so that

Lovers- Judith Krantz . . . You'll encounter many of the fascinating characters first introduced in Scruples and Scruples II in this engrossing sequel to Judith Krantz's best selling novels. Central is the captivating Gigi Orsini, who has three men vying for her attentions as she begins a career in advertising.

Midnight Secrets - Janelle Taylor . . . Best selling romance writer, Janelle Taylor weaves a tale of deception, danger and love as Ginny Marston returns from England to her beloved Georgia following the War between the States.

No Love Lost - Helen Van Slyke . . . In the 1930's , amid the struggles of the Great Depression and preceding the emergence of themodern woman, Pauline Thresher finds the courage to leave her philandering husband of 25 years. Her daughter and grandaughter will both learn from her example as they survive and grow as women in a different world.

One Summer - Karen Robards . . . English teacher, Rachel Grant must deal with the cruelty of small town gossip and the threat of personal danger as she becomes romantically involved with Johnny Harris, a former student who served time in prison for the murder of his highschool sweetheart. Rachel has always believed in Johnny's innocence despite his "bad boy" image, but when another murder occurs, her faith in Johnny is put to the ultimate test.

Pearl Moon - Katherine Stone . . . East meets West as two sisters, separated by fate and unknown to each other, are reunited in exotic Hong Kong. Each must struggle to overcome danger and the terrible secrets of the past to find the love and fulfillment so cruelly denied their parents.

Pirates - Linda Lael Miller . . . A lonely divorcee wins a Caribbean vacation and finds it truly is Paradise as she is transported in time to meet her soulmate, Duncan Rourke, the "pirate patriot" of the American Revolution.

Prince Charming - Julie Garwood . . . Lady Esther, one of 19th century London's wealthiest matriarchs, is near death. Hoping to ensure that her favorite granddaughter, Taylor, will inherit her wealth, a marriage of convenience is arranged between Taylor and handsome, adventurous American, Lucas Ross. But all does not go as expected when, as part of the charade, Taylor accompanies Lucas to America. (also available on audiocassette)

Remembrance - Jude Deveraux . . . Is it true that love survives throughout time? When researching her latest novel, dedicated romance writer Hayden Lane is told by a psychic that she has led a past life of mystery as a promiscuous woman . A hypnotist's experiment goes awry and Hayden is transported to Edwardian England and experiences that will fulfill her destiny and her very being as a woman.

Second Love - Judith Gould . . . A fabulously wealthy young widow finds her hotel empire fortune at stake in this sizzling contemporary novel of romantic suspense.

Sins of Summer - Dorothy Garlock . . . A proud single mother must fight for her dreams when her relationship with a frontiersman serves to ignite a family feud. A sweeping romance set under the Western sky.

Valentine Legacy - Catherine Coulter . . . Outspoken but naive Jessie Warfield has a passion for horses and disdain for the tedious social life of 19th century Baltimore when she meets the very proper James Wyndham. Sparks fly before this unlikely pair ends up married. Old secrets, a pirate's legacy and a love which deepens with the dangers encountered are all present in this witty and humorous Regency Romance.

Victorian Love Stories: an Oxford Anthology - edited by Kate Flint . . . In this varied collection you'll experience love both tragic and sublime as these Victorian writers reveal a changing world of relationships during a period of growing independence for women.

Wild Mountain Thyme- Rosamund Pilcher . . . As an impressionable young art student, Victoria Bradshaw was awakened to love by the aspiring London playwright, Oliver Dobbs, a man with more ambition than money. When Oliver leaves her she is terribly wounded and yet finds herself unable to resist his persuasive charms when he reappears in her life years later. Unexpected love blossoms in the Scottish highlands in this poignant story.

Windover - Jane Aiken Hodge . . . Believing her true love, Mark, has left her for another woman, and wishing to escape the advances of a lecherous stepfather, young Kathryn enters into a marriage of convenience with a wealthy banker. After a series of sinister events, a pregnant Kathryn leaves her home for London, where she ultimately finds hope for happiness.

The Woman Who Fell From the Sky - Barbara Riefe . . .When a beautiful and cultured Englishwoman traveling to meet her French fiance survives a Mohawk massacre she is rescued by the Oneidas, who agree to escort her to Quebec. Her trip becomes a journey of self-knowledge as she comes to value the wisdom of thisancient culture and discovers a deepening love for Two Eagles, the Oneida brave who has been her constant companion. (Don't miss the sequel: Love of Two Eagles)

World treasury of love stories - selected and with an introduction by Lucy Rosenthal with foreward by Clifton Fadiman. Some of the world's finest writers explore the many manifestations of love.

Poetry of Love

Love's witness: Five Centuries of Love Poetry by Women - edited by Jill Hollis (808.8193 Love)

Twenty Love poems and a song of despair - Pablo Neruda (861 Neruda)