Manchester, Connecticut

What Do I Read Next?

Reading suggestions from the Manchester Public Library Reader's Advisory Service.


2020 Fiction From Black Authors- Some of the latest books from black authors.  

2020/21 Books by Hispanic Authors- Some of the latest books from Hispanic authors. 

A Man Called Ove Read-A-Likes- Did you love reading A Man Called Ove by Fredrick Backman? Here are some other titles you may enjoy. 

American Dirt Read-A-Likes- Have you finished American Dirt, one of the highest buzzed-about books of the year? This list provides books that are similar to Jeanine Cummings' blockbuster hit. 

Andrew Luck Book Club- dubbed the "NFL's unofficial librarian", Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck is spreading his love of reading to create a team of readers across the world. 

Asian Authors- Authors from India, China, Japan, America, and more weave stories of their culture in the past and present in this rich and vibrant list. 

Black Authors- From historical fiction to hard-boiled mysteries, and non-fiction, this collection of black authors will help you find a new favorite title. 

British Mysteries- British mysteries have captivated readers since Wilkie Collins and Agatha Christie. Here are some modern books to keep you up late until the wee hours of the night. 

Contemporary Fiction- For those that love stories that take place in the here and now, this list is perfect for you. 

Contemporary Mysteries- Do you love mysteries that are set in the here and now? These mysteries are sure to delight those who love sleuthing in the present time. 

Cozy Mysteries- For those who are not into the gore of some mysteries, cozy mysteries are a perfect choice. Grab a blanket, a cup of tea, and a cat, and relax on the couch with these selections. 

Domestic Thrillers- Since the advent of Gone Girl, domestic thrillers have been the hottest thing in the book market. 

Ed's Science Fiction Picks: Our reference librarian Ed has selected five of his favorite new science fiction books. 

Epidemic Fiction- from the plague to the zombie apocalypse, there are a lot of great stories that take place during pandemics. 

Hello Sunshine- Founded by popular actress Reese Witherspoon, each month's selection features a strong woman at the center of the story. 

Historical Fiction- Historical fiction can transport readers to places in time, helping them learn more about the history and the people of the time. 

Historical Mysteries- From ancient Rome to World War 1, these historical mysteries take you places to solve crimes you never thought possible!

Juneteenth Fiction- A selection of fiction books to read for Juneteenth. 

Latinx Authors- With sweeping locations from Cuba to Brazil to America, these Latinx authors from around the world bring to life their culture. 

LGBTQ Fiction and Nonfiction- A 2020 reading list with current books featuring LGBTQ characters. 

Mini Novels- Looking for fast paced, short, and suspenseful novellas? This list offers a variety of titles and authors you might enjoy. 

New novels about World War II - If you love historical fiction about World War II, these are some of the latest and greatest to pique your interest.

Oprah's Book Club- the original Queen of the celebrity book club, Oprah's selections have been popular since 1996. 

Protagonists on the Autism Spectrum- These books feature protagonists who are all on the autism spectrum. 

Pulitzer Prize Winners- An annual award given to American authors writing about American topics, the Pulitzer Prize is considered one of writing's highest honors. 

Read With Jenna- Celebrity book clubs have been popular since Oprah's Book Club was formed in 1996. Jenna Bush Hager of the Today Show selects the books for this online group. 

Speculative Fiction- Encompassing some element of the supernatural or the future, speculative fiction is a broad term for fiction that does not necessarily fit into a genre. 

Thrillers- Thrillers are hot, hot, hot right now. From domestic thrillers to spy thrillers, to gothic thrillers, there is something for everyone. 



Adventures in Nature- For all of you nature lovers, here are some books to help you celebrate the great outdoors. 

Books to TV- books have always served as great material for adaptation for television, and these books are no exception. These selections are already out or will be coming out in 2020. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion A sampling of books that tackle racism, prejudice, and bias in America.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion- New for 2020- A sampling of books from 2020 that tackle racism, prejudice, and bias in America. 

Earth Day Reads- Celebrated since 1970, Earth Day reminds us to cherish the earth we live on. 

Genealogy: A Sampling of Resources at the Manchester Public Library

Homesteading and Gardening- In a time when so many foods are processed or treated with chemicals, more Americans are looking to grow their own foods and be self-sufficient. Whether you are a novice at homesteading, or looking for new tips, these books will help you be more sustainable. 

Juneteenth Nonfiction- A selection of nonfiction to read for Juneteenth. 

Keep Calm and Carry On- A short guide to meditation, yoga, and calming books. 

Manchester - A sampling of resources available from the Manchester Public Library concerning the town's history, institutions, architecture, local government, industry, and authors.

Waste Not, Want Not Cookbooks- a collection of cookbooks that focus on saving food, money, and the planet. 

When You Are Grieving- we all go through profound moments of sadness and loss in our lives. These recommended books may help you understand and cope with your situation. 

Who Needs A Good Laugh?- Looking for a good laugh? Look no farther than memoirs from these funny comedians to give you a good belly laugh. 

Look for more lists in the future.