Manchester, Connecticut

What Do I Read Next?

Reading suggestions from the Manchester Public Library Reader's Advisory Service.


Adventure & Intrigue - Corrupt politicians and military figures, terrorists, druglords, and greedy industrialists jockey for power and control in these post Cold War novels of adventure and intrigue.


African-American Fiction - A selection of popular and literary fiction, mystery and suspense thrillers and novels of contemporary relationships and romance, all by your favorite African-American authors.

American Historical Fiction - 1600 to 1890 Stories that capture the struggles, tragedies and triumphs of those who settled and formed the new nation.

Armchair Traveler - Is $4.00 a gallon of gas going to keep you off the highways this summer? Have the airlines’ woes become yours? Let the Manchester Public Library help! Here is a collection of recent travel books that will take you where your car won’t—and the price is right!

Arthurian Tales - Fantasy, legend and history in the ever-fascinating tale of King Arthur and his knights.

Avalon Romances - If you want a story that you, your daughter and even your mom might enjoy, the Avalon romance series is perfect for you.

Breast Cancer Awareness -- The focus of breast cancer awareness is to spread the message that early detection of breast cancer followed by prompt treatment saves lives.

Cafe Crime - No calories or cholesterol contained in these mysteries of culinary variety! Note: Not all Recipes contained have been tested by library staff.

Chick Lit - Sassy and spirited. . . young women in their 20's and 30's negotiate the ups and downs of careers, friendships and romance in these witty, breezy novels.

Connecticut Authors --Connecticut has a wealth of fine writers. Try reading locally!

Cozy Mysteries--Murder and mayhem doesn't always have to be messy. A cute florist or a saucy chef can go a long way to lightening up a bad situation!

Crime Scene Investigation - If you like CSI, try these books featuring forensic experts.

Death Among the Books: Bibliomysteries for Booklovers - Librarians, authors, publishers, and bookdealers are featured in these charming mysteries.

Detecting in New England - From Connecticut's picturesqe villages to Maine's rocky coast, New England is a haven for mystery writers.

Detecting Men: Hardboiled Private Eyes- Revisit Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe and Dashiell Hammett's Sam Spade or settle down with the newer masters of the hardboiled private eye mystery.

A Dog's Life - Man's best friend.

Dystopian Fiction- Post-apocalyptic, or dystopian fiction, portrays a new way of life after a devastating catastrophe changes forever, the way we live. The following are books which provide us with various scenarios fo world destruction and its aftermath.

Elect a Winner: Novels of Political Suspense - The underbelly of politics makes fascinating fiction.

Exercise - We can help you get the motivation you need to exercise, not only your mind, but your body.

Explore Other Worlds with Science Fiction -- Adventures in time and space for those who ponder the nature of reality and connect to the universe,

Fantasy - Explore worlds of magic, dragons, wizards, elves, kings and many other fantastical things.

Female Private Investigators - Tough and savvy, these private eyes give no quarter to the bad guys.

Financial Thrillers - Novels of Financial Intrigue, Banking, Money and Power

Novels and Food--can you think of a better combination? All of these books, have food as part of the theme.

A Garden of Mysteries - Plant yourself in a comfy chair and enjoy this crop of mysteries that feature gardens and gardeners.

Good, Clean Reads-- Are you looking for a good story? One without blatant sex and violence and where characters can speak without profanities? The following booklist includes authors of mystery, drama, romance and adventure who write in a manner that will suit your lifestyle.

Great Beach Reads - Recent Popular Fiction: Sizzlers and coolers for summer fun.

Hispanic Authors-- If you enjoyed the works of Gabriel Garcia Marquez or Isabel Allende, try some of these works of fiction by other writers of Hispanic origin.

Historical Fiction - Do you like your history to be told with a flair? With perhaps a little romance or adventure thrown in? Try these.

Holy Sleuths - Join these crimestopping clerics: rabbis, priests, nuns and ministers, as they (with the help of a Higher Power) bring evildoers to justice.

Humble Histories of Everyday Things: The history of everyday things from Apple Pie: An American Story to Zero: the Biography of a Dangerous Idea.

If You Like Rosamunde Pilcher . . . You Might Enjoy Some of the Following Authors - Fans of Rosamunde Pilcher's The Shell Seekers, September, Coming Home and Winter Solstice may enjoy other writers that explore love, friendship and life's struggles.

International Destinations - Fiction in foreign countries.

Jewish Family Life-- The tapestry of our lives is interwoven with everyday family interaction. The reaction of each family to holidays, family gatherings and illness is particular unto itself. However, in all cultures, the clashing of the old and new is universal. The following books focus on Jewish families and their unique issues.

Jodi Picoult Read A Likes - If you like Jodi Picoult novels about family, relationships and love then try.....

Legal Thrillers - suspense in the legal world....lawyers, judges and courtroom drama.

Less Is More - Enjoy a Short Story - Classic and contemporary stories for every reading taste.

A Man Called Ove Read-A-Likes- Did you love reading A Man Called Ove by Fredrick Backman? Here are some other titles you may enjoy. 

Manchester Town Employees Read!-- In looking for new book recommendations, we thought that Manchester Town Employees would be a great source—and indeed, they are! Our town employees read a wide selection of material and were happy to share their favorites with us. Classics, popular fiction, biographies and social commentaries all find their place on this bookmark.

Manchester Vs. Manhattan--Ah…New York City…The Big Apple…life would certainly be exciting there! But wait…what do real people like us do there…they have children, careers and relationships…just like us. The following stories, based on the above themes, all take place in Manhattan, but, in truth, could take place in Manchester neighborhoods.

Medical Suspense - Medical mysteries, medical thrillers and genetic engineering.

Multicultural Chick Lit - Sassy and spirited. . . young women in their 20's and 30's negotiate the ups and downs of careers, friendships and romance in these witty, breezy novels

Murder Most Familiar - Cozy mysteries in the manner of Agatha Christie

Murder Most Historical - A Selection of Historical Mysteries

Mystery and Suspense--Murders…financial intrigue…identity theft…scandalous affairs…disappearances…political cover-ups…such are the adventures of the characters in the following books. Come along for the ride with one of the many books of mystery and suspense available at the Manchester Public Library .

Mystery Tour . . . Great Britain & Ireland - What to read when you've exhausted the supply of Agatha Christie and P.D. James? Here's a list of authors that will keep you charmed for a good while longer. Early titles in series are listed for those who like to begin at the beginning.

Native American Mysteries: If You Like Tony Hillerman's Native American Mysteries . . .this selection of authors will add to your enjoyment of this genre and expand your knowledge of Native American customs.

Naval Adventure . . . On the High Seas - From the eighteenth century Napoleonic Wars to modern submarine warfare these seagoing adventure stories are filled with historical atmosphere and fascinating details of life at sea.

New novels about World War II - If you love historical fiction about World War II, these are some of the latest and greatest to pique your interest. 

Nonfiction That Reads Like Fiction--All too often, nonfiction is perceived as too difficult to read and not very entertaining. The following booklist willchange your mind. While all the books are nonfiction, they will all inform and entertain you while telling a story, and of course, all are available at the Manchester Public Library. As the saying goes “get real”!

A Nose for Crime - Dog mysteries featuring your favorite sleuths and their crimestopping canine companions.

Of Ireland and the Irish- a selection of fiction either by Irish authors or taking place in Ireland.

Political Suspense--Try one of these novels to quench your thirst for more Washington drama.

Psychological Suspense - It's all in the mind. That's what makes it scary!

Purrfect Crimestoppers - Cat mysteries. Join these sleuths and their feline friends for a perfectly enjoyable time.

Required Reading--Remember your reading list from high school? Did you read them the first time? Try these books again, they are tried and true winners!

A Romantic Interlude - Love stories, gentle and contemporary romance, romantic suspense and spicy historicals are featured in this listing of romance fiction.

Romantic Suspense: Classic, Historical, and Gothic Romantic Suspense - Love and romance with a frisson of danger.

September 11, 2001 --Ten years have passed since September 11, 2001. These are novels that chronicle the changes in our lives since that horrific day.

Short and Satisfying -Short on time but still want to read something entertaining and well-written? Try one of the following suggestions; all promise to be under 250 pages!

Sisters In Crime--Sisters in Crime is the only professional writers’ organization that works directly for the benefit of women mystery authors.From its inception in 1986, they have been dedicated to leveling the playing field in all facets of publishing. Now you can read your mysteries and be politically correct too!

Sports Fiction

Spinechillers - Take a look . . . if you dare. . . at the best in Horror Fiction

Technothrillers--The stakes are high in these tales of high-tech weaponry and gadgetry, shifting geopolitical alliances and tension-filled military action!

They Came Before Us - Early men and women join forces in these vividly told tales of human survival and growth in prehistoric times. Readers who enjoy Jane Auel's "Earth's Children"series will find these fascinating fare.

Travel Fiction . . . Journeys of Discovery 

Try a Little Romance - Romance fiction from your favorite authors.

Werewolves and Vampires - Which creature is more dangerous?

Westerns: Novels of the Old West - If you enjoy the Westerns of Louis L'Amour and Zane Grey, try some of these classics...many are in Large Print.

Who Reads What?- Since 1988, Librarian Glenna Nowell, of Gardiner, Maine, has been soliciting book recommendations from famous citizens. From skateboarders to US Senators, "Who Reads What?" is published yearly. The following is a selection of celebrities and their choices.

Wild Weather - Since the Advent of the Weather Channel, we have all become more attuned to weather and it's watching has become another national pastime. The following is a list of books which will give a more in-depth view of "storms of the century".

Witches In Our Midst-- A woman claiming to or popularly believed to possess magical powers and practice sorcery is commonly known as a witch. Popular fiction has embraced witches and we now find them in all segments of literature. The following are a selection of fiction which centers on witches and their craft.

World Mystery Tour - A change of locale for mystery fans: sleuths from around the world.

Writers From India --In recent years, we have had a influx of Indian authors who give us a new perspective on life in both India and the United States.



African American Authors. . . . . .and notable Black writers from around the world. From popular genre fiction mystery, romance, and science fiction writers, to award winning authors of literary fiction and prominent writers of non-fiction, this bibliography presents a wide selection of works available at the Manchester Public Library.

Connecticut Authors & Their Books

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion A sampling of books that tackle racism, prejudice, and bias in America. 

Fascinating Lives: a Selection of Recent Biographies

Genealogy: A Sampling of Resources at the Manchester Public Library

The Global Gourmet : Cookbooks and More - A taste tempting tour for food lovers.

Manchester - A sampling of resources available from the Manchester Public Library concerning the town's history, institutions, architecture, local government, industry and authors.

Thoreau --East of the River READS is featuring the historical novel Mr. Emerson’s Wife, by Amy Belding Brown. It is the fictional rendition of love among three Transcendentalists, Lidian Jackson Emerson, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau. To read more about the factual lives of Emerson and Thoreau, the following books are available at the Manchester Public Library.

Well-being: Body ~ Mind ~ Spirit

Look for more lists in the future.