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How Do I Find a Good Book?

A Do It Yourself Guide

Tired of stumbling around in the library stacks hoping a great book will pop off the shelf?
Have you read all of your favorite author's books and found yourself wondering what to read next?

No time to spare? Let our bookmarks and reading lists guide you to your next book.

Wondering what the staff is currently reading? For short reviews and ratings, check out our Goodreads page. 

If there is a particular author or genre you are interested in, Fantastic Fiction is an excellent resource. You can search by author and find all of their published works in date order. You can also search by different genres and popular authors and new books will come up for each topic. 

To use Literature Map, type in the name of an author that you are interested in, such as Brandon Sanderson and click on the magnifying glass. On the next page a word cloud will appear, and once the names settle those closest to your searched author will be the most similar. This search engine is wonderful for finding authors who write in the same vein as those you like. It will not list titles for each author, however. 

BookRiot also has some wonderful lists and recommendations on a variety of topics and genres, many of which are inclusive and diverse. For more bookish content you can also subscribe to their newsletter or listen to one of their many podcasts. 

Shelf Awareness is a twice a week free newsletter with the 25 best books coming out each week, as selected by industry professionals. Full of reviews and interviews with authors, you are sure to find your next great read.