Manchester, Connecticut

Mission Statement and Roles


The Manchester Public Library provides books and other materials and services desired by community members in order to meet their needs for information, creative use of leisure time, and life-long education.   The library emphasizes individual service, especially to children, and serves as a focal point for interaction among the diverse residents of the community.


Primary Role #1:  Services to Children
The library encourages youngsters from pre-school to high school to develop independent intellectual growth and a lifetime love of reading, and especially encourages young children to develop an interest in reading and learning through services for those children and for parents and children together.

Primary Role #2:  Popular Materials Library
The library features current, high-demand, high-interest materials in a variety of formats for persons of all ages.

Secondary Role #1:  Reference Library
The library actively provides timely, accurate, and useful information for community residents and, as much as possible, for other users.

Reviewed 2015, Library Board of Trustees