Manchester, Connecticut

Homeschooling Resources

Come and see how the resources at the Manchester Public Library can support and enhance your own homeschooling programs.

  • See a librarian for our large collection of books, magazines and DVDs on homeschooling
    • Books:
      • Home Learning Year by Year
      • Mary Pride's Complete Guide to Getting Started in Homeschooling
      • Homeschooling and the Voyage of Self-Discovery
      • The Homeschooler's Book of Lists
      • The Homeschooling Handbook
      • 100 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum
      • Christian Home Educators' Curriculum Manual
    • Magazines:
      • Practical Homeshooling
      • Home Education
    • DVDs
      • DVD 027.62 - Reading:  Reading Rockets
      • DVD 500.2 - Primary:  Getting Ahead in Primary Science, Grades 3-4
      • DVD 511 - Mathematics:  Getting Ahead in Mathematics, Grades 3-4

The children's librarians will also be happy to demonstrate how to use your Manchester Public Library card to access age-appropriate research databases such as Searchasaurus, Novelist K-8, Kids Search and Student Research Center. These databases link directly to magazine and encyclopedia articles, as well as current and historical photographs of the subject, theme or person that is being researched. These databases are quick and easy to navigate, so don't forget to include them as part of your studies!  Also see free sample resources from Homeschool Magazines.

To find the chronological order of series that your children are reading, try:
Mid-Continent Public Library - Juvenile Series and Sequels

To find the reading level or help selecting a book, try:

Local, Regional and National Home School Organizations Online Groups include the following links:
Connecticut Homeschool Network
Home School Legal Defense Association
Homeschool Central
Homeschool World The #1 Homeschooling Community
National Home Education Research Institute

Manchester Public Library Booklists
Book lists for kids at Manchester Public Library